Most frequent or severe symptoms for you?

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Re: Most frequent or severe symptoms for you?

Postby migrembe » Sun May 18, 2014 5:50 pm

This site is not always depressing and besides it is just my opinion of the day or time or space in my life.

Today is Sunday and i went to church. My friend collects me from the door and brings me back, i can no longer walk the few hundred yards to get the bus. I taught my little class of 8 years old, but i couldn't join in the fun and play in sharing time, although i could and did join in the singing. Came home, put meat paste on a slice or two of bread, grabbed a packet of snacks, some fruit and refilled my water bottle and went to bed and slept three hours. Now i am trying to decide if i have enough energy to get downstairs and find some food, even instant food, but i have to as the cat needs feeding. No one else here to do it. Pain high and energy low and i have an headache. No longer able to work. No longer able to socialize. No longer able to walk to 5 minutes to the park. I live alone, although i do have grown up children they are doing what i was doing in my 20's living their life. And no one to talk to most days, all day, day after day. yes i think that's a reason enough to be depressed. Oh and up to three years ago i was working as a nurse, often in charge and just days before i had to leave work i had help bring a man back from the dead in a lift.

I have nothing against anyone on here. I also keep a record of my daily symptoms, i find them a helpful reminder when i see the doc.
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Re: Most frequent or severe symptoms for you?

Postby Lindilou » Sun May 18, 2014 6:01 pm

This site is not depressing in any way shape or form.. It is an outlet and that can only be positive :-D

Re: Most frequent or severe symptoms for you?

Postby Andyp » Sun May 18, 2014 8:56 pm

For me it is the never ending feeling of tiredness and the knock on effect it has on my depression
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