Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

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Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby cocobella » Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:11 pm

Hi everyone,

As usual, when I post here it is usually concerning something negative. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I was experiencing a flare up. Exhaustion, groggy, pain. The only trigger i can pin this on is the battle I am currently going through with DWP/ATOS regarding my personal independence claim which was disallowed by TWO points!!! lol. Bit of background, 27 and work part time, fibro for 4 years, total thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy last year.

Anyway, I went to my GP about 12pm yesterday as I was experiencing mild muscle twitches in my left arm and my face and mouth. By the time I got to the surgery the twitching was awful, and extremely visible. It was quite painful too. I was convinced I was either having a fit or a stroke. (naturally always convinced of the worst lol). My GP straight away sent me to to the admission ward at our local hospital with a letter stating my symptoms, my allergies, my medical history and medications. The consultant on the admission ward came round to assess me. You could visibly see the twitching/jerking by this point in my face and arm. My mum was with me at this point. Anyway he asked what meds I was on. As soon as I said duloxetine and amytriptaline FOR fibromyalgia, he asked me who I was under psychiatrically??? I was flabbergasted. Told him I was not under anyone psychiatrically and that I do suffer from depression but it has all been related to my daily struggle with fibro and thyroid nonsense. He then said to me "I don't think it is here where you should be seen". I then asked do you think I am a psychiatric patient? He then said well you are on high doses of 2 antidepressants. I said YES 2 of which are licensed for fibro and painful bladder syndrome (which I have also). I explained YES I have depression due to this horrid illness but the depression came second to my illness, it certainly wasn't depression first. As I always say i grieve for my old life that was fun filled and i was fit as a fiddle. All of you know this anyway as you are fighting the same battle. Anyway I was kept in for the day, discharged at 9pm at night as he felt that I was not acutely ill. They did bloods etc, ECG etc too and only thing that was wrong was that my TSH thyroid hormone was still abnormal, parathyroid hormone was normal . I had my thyroid out in august and have not been able to get my blood levels stable with thyroxine. At the moment my TSH is 0.03 which could actually explain why i was a twitching wreck yesterday. The consultant also said he has no experience with fibromyalgia and that I should contact my rheumatologist ASAP about this. I was disgusted. My rheumy works in the same building why couldn't he get her up??? He treated me as though I had nothing wrong with me and that I was attention seeking.

I wasnt given anything to stop the muscle twitching, wasn't given an explanation or offered any neuro scan or anything which was worrying me. I was given a discharge letter that was in an envelope. When I got home I opened the letter and to my HORROR the consultant written reason for admission DEPRESSION/ANXIETY!!!!! What on earth? I know for a fact I was not anxious or suffering anxiety. I have had panic attacks in the past and this was not a panic attack. I was made to feel like a nutcase and like I was putting the twitching on. I couldn't stop shaking for 7 hours. What on earth?

Has anyone else experienced this type of treatment, also have any of you had this ODD shaking or twitching??

Coco x
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby humphreys » Wed Jun 04, 2014 1:37 pm

OMG how terrible and ignorant of the hospital, they have no idea what us people go through, I feel so sorry for you.
I have a lot of twitching in my feet nearly every night, the only way I can settle them down is hang them outside the bed in the cold.
I would really complain about that hospital to your GP, and again I really feel for you
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby whoami » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:11 pm

Coco.....sorry to hear of your dilemma.

As you know I have had my thyroid removed (cancer). Anyway, as I started to read your post my first thought was your levels were out. The more I read I was sure that it was your levels that caused the twitching. Coco, I had the same thing happen, more than once. It seemed to correct itself.

Coco, with thyroid levels, anything can send them haywire. It was heat that set me off one day. I can't understand why they can't get your levels reasonably normal. You need to talk to your Endo, maybe change the meds.

Coco, try not to be offended by the emergency Dr. He likely saw that you were a little anxious. By your own admission you say you tend to be convinced things to be worse. I am not deflating your symptoms in anyway, only trying to acknowledged the Dr's response.

Those of us with fibro almost always either do or will suffer depression. Honestly, a visit with a psychiatrist does help. Not that we are crazy or imagining our illness but rather for us to deal with the ongoing symptoms and life we have been dealt. It sure helped me.

Coco, it seems like the twitching has stopped. Go and talk to your Dr and ask him his opinion on the possibilities for what happened and ask him if a visit to your Endo or to a psychiatrist may help in some way.

Coco, try to relax. Opening something that is not for us to read can quite often send us in a tizzy. The way. Dr's think and relate their diagnosis can mean many things and without the knowledge we don't know where they are going with something. I opened a letter years ago and because of what I read I assumed the worse and it put me in hospital with an anxiety attack. Never again!

Take care luv and try to relax a bit and not take things possibly the wrong way. Xx

Expect the worst in life you won't be disapointed and you'll be prepared!
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby Susan Stokes » Wed Jun 04, 2014 2:37 pm

The rheumatologist at my local hospital is wheelchair bound and considers people with fibromyalgia beneath he contempt. She once stated, when asked a question about fibro in a meeting, that she knew of a good psychiatrist in Leeds.
Susan Stokes
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby Libby Clark » Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:06 pm

Hello folks,
I have chronic degenerative disc disease as well as FM , high blood pressure etc, I have had the same response from my GP when I visited recently about my twitchy arms and legs at night. They drive me crazy, as I start to settle and relax they wake up and start break dancing,( well not quite but you get the idea)
I am on ametryptaline, Fluoxetine, Tramadol, paracetamol, Ora morph etc etc etc all my GP told me to do was try and relax !!!!!!!!!!
I also have shaky hands and pains in my arms and hands, What do you expect with what you have wrong with you, was my GPs answer!!!!!!
I expect that you will investigate, try to change my meds and help me to understand and feel less worried was my response.

You could try taking more Oramorph!!!!!! Do you think you are more depressed, maybe you should consider counselling!!!!!!!!

I was almost in tears when I came out, I am a counsellor, I am depressed but I am also in pain and frustrated with a medical system that likes labels and prescriptions but not people

Well my laptop seems to have run out of exclamation marks, so I will just return to the corner, curl up and drink my Ora morph till I stop twitching !
Ooooooooohhhhhh I found another !
Libby Clark
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby SianneArtarian » Wed Jun 04, 2014 7:58 pm

I also experience muscle twitching and sometimes excessive muscle trembling, which my GP told me can happen when the muscles are very tired or have been overworked. It is so hard to find doctors who take Fibromyalgia seriously and the way that Fibro sufferers are treated by medical professionals is awful. Even the ones who take it seriously don't usually know much about it, I regularly find I am telling Drs/Nurses/GPs more about Fibro than they can tell me. I also take Amitriptyline for Fibro, when I was put on it the Dr stopped my other anti-depressant and I can honestly say that the Amitriptyline was a Godsend to me in terms of Fibro symptoms but it's really not much use for depression at all. I raised this with my GP and had a bit of a stand off for a couple of months, in the end I had to choose, if he gave me another anti-depressant he would lower my Amitriptylene. I chose not to lower it and just try and deal with the depression, I did not want to risk my Fibro getting worse again. Sometimes I get the muscle twitching in my chest, that was scary at first, I thought I was having a heart attack. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything I can do to stop or relieve it when it's happening. Sorry you had such a bad experience with the hospital. You should write a letter of complaint to the management board. My GP often has student doctors in with him when I see them. I can't help it - I find myself lecturing them because I want them to graduate medical school with an awareness of Fibro and what it's sufferers endure so that others in the future may not have to go through the struggles I and thousands of others have faced when dealing with Doctors.
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby Tel1 » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:21 pm

This is outrageous!! :yikes: :yikes:
however I have been in *exactly* the same situation as you 5 times in the past.... these doctors are just the pits sometimes!!
I was admitted with dreadful pains all over, chest pain on top of that ( nightmare ) but they did ECGs Blood tests, Xrays, CT scans and ultra scans in much the same way as you had....However they did keep me in for whole day and night.... the next morning when I was lying in of the doctors * not my doctor* who was on his morning rounds, just casually said hello to me, and I said good morning doctor.. with that he picked up my notes at the bottom of the bed and said... Hmmm! what are you in for? and I told him what had happened to me... he said oh I see, how you got Fibromyalgia? and then I didn't even know what he was talking about and I just said, no, not as far as I know....and that was the end of that....The next day I was discharged and my hospital notes also said Anxiety and also unknown diagnosis.... I was fuming like you were when you read something like this....the long story short was during the next few months, I was getting more and more of these episodes and I was sent to a Rheumatologist who confirmed I had Fibro.....and he went through about 10 years of my medical notes and all the tests that I had done over the years, not to mention over the last two years 5 Xrays, 4 CT scans, 2 MRI scans, blood tests to death and heart scans galore....It is kind of nice to know that after all those tests they find nothing ( which is good ) but on the other hand it is not good when people like us have these dreadful episodes and yet they don't really know what it is.. now that IS frightening :yikes: because when they say that, you are none the wiser, so it makes us all the worse with worry... As for your DWP ATOS lark.... what are they actually doing for you? I hope you are appealing what they have said?
as the DWP make THE final decision not ATOS... Let me know how you get on. :crazy:
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby migrembe » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:58 pm

If you have ever had migraine, then it can cause these symptoms even without an headache or nausea. I often get it, but the MRI was clear so finding out it could be the migraines i normally get makes me less anxious.

What did you want the Dr to do?

As for the letter, if they didn't want you to open it they shouldn't have given it to you. When i was a staff nurse, not that long ago, we gave all patients a copy of their discharge letters. You should ask for one if they do not offer one in future.
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Re: Admitted to hospital with muscle twitching

Postby cocobella » Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:44 am

Thanks everyone. Looks like we all experience these muscle twitches. I had always had mild twitching but never never to the extreme of Tuesday. It was frightening. Still haven't had my vitamin D rechecked. Last year it was very low.

Migreme: I do suffer from migraines. This is interesting.

Whoami:I'm still convinced it's thyroid related.

Thanks again everyone. Warms my heart when I get your support because in non digital life it can sometimes be very difficult for our "normal" family and friends to understand.

Coco x
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