workplace, eugh!

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workplace, eugh!

Postby JDWench » Fri Jun 06, 2014 5:16 pm

On monday my ankle gave way a few times causing me to almost fall flat on my face each time. On Tuesday whilst getting ready for work, I was putting my socks on and my foot cracked! It was incredibly painful. I took two buses and then hobbled to a&e where I explained what happened. The nurse at first seemed insistent that I had been wearing heels (my ankles haven't been strong enough for me to wear heels for months) once we'd cleared up any confusion I was sent for an X ray after another hour or so I was seen by a doctor who told me I needed an X ray, once we'd got our information right she viewed my already done X ray and determined I'd sprained my foot/ankle. She gave me painkillers and told me to rest for 48 hours then I should be fine. Today I went to my gp as my foot is still very weak and he signed me off. Took my note in to work they said "oh great now you're signed off, maybe I should get signed off next," I told them weeks ago I was having problems with my feet and it was ignored, I can't help thinking the stress of being stood up all day has contributed to this. I'm only 25 and I'm constantly told I'm not old enough to have anything wrong with me and because I'm not old and dried up I don't get the extra rest breaks I sometimes need.
It's exhausting hobbling about, I never realised just how efficient walking normally actually is. I hate how I'm being made to feel their lack of staff is my fault! I can't wait until September to get out of there. Sorry for the long post.
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Re: workplace, eugh!

Postby DeedleDee » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:06 pm


First of all everyone's entitled to a rant!! I've done enough ranting over the past wee while!! :yikes: and here possibly comes another!!

I completely understand this - I'm 31 and have been having problems for around 11-12 years, but was only diagnosed last year. I too have a fairly uncooperative workplace, mainly in the form of my line manager. I have issues sitting at a desk in all sorts of ways; my skin feels sore and burning a lot of the time, so it hurts when in contact with anything. My desk is positioned in such a way that my forearms are off the edge of the desk, which is agonising at times, but there is no other way I can position everything that it works and i have what I need within reach. I also get very wobbly, dizzy and tremor like, especially when the office is hot, yet have been advised if I want a desk fan I need to buy one myself. I have been waiting 7 months now for my line manager to arrange a workplace assessment as my chair does not support my back, and my hips are agony sitting on it. The only concession my line manager has made is allow me to order a headset for my phone!! Sometimes I have cramps, sometimes it feels like I've got a broken leg and foot, sometimes I just physically and mentally can't cope!!

I have been advised by my GP and the rheumatologist I should work less hours but am not in a financial position where this is viable. The second and probably one of the most important things I have been told is avoid stress as this leaves me in agony, struggling to physically and mentally function. However there is also no support there. My line manager is continually adding extra duties to my already over full workload to avoid the company hiring anyone else to help out despite being aware of this.

I was off for two days because I couldn't move without crying in pain, and upon returning to work was handed a self cert and told a meeting had been arranged with HR to discuss my issues further. Turns out I am now referred to occupational health (which I agreed to as I have nothing to hide) as apparently (according to line manager) "things are coming to a head". HR have been very supportive of the whole situation but to be honest I am now at the point where I am trying to find another job because I can't cope with this one. Had I had support in the correct way, a workspace assessment and a little consideration from the person I am meant to report to I would probably not be doubting my job. To say "things are coming to a head" is truly ridiculous. Why does it not penetrate that work is worsening my condition. I have been advised I will not lose my job, and my occupational health appt is next week. However I feel like I've only been referred because she doesn't believe me.

Have you got the option to approach HR dept re how they can help you? I'm sure that someone higher up the chain would not be happy about the way you've been treated, and something like occ health would maybe give you a little 'back up''??

You'll appreciate from my mega rant above that you're not alone in what's going on. I hope you get it all worked out soon and you're foot gets better. Please take it easy!! :-D :-D

And apologies for the even longer post!!!!
D xx

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Re: workplace, eugh!

Postby Maryanne » Fri Jun 06, 2014 10:30 pm

I was off work for 11 weeks last year.recovering from a virus, which caused a major flare, and I had ended up in hospital because the pain went right off the scale. My GP was reluctant to let me go back, because of the work I do and the hours I done, working for a small local family business. My GP finally agreed I could go back on condition that I was to drop some of my hours, with recommendations on my fit note. My boss had not been very happy at the time of my sick leave as It was in the busiest time of year and it had been difficult for her to cover my hours by my work colleagues doing overtime. She had said that she thought, that I would be unable to continue with my employment. Even I had my doubts about returning during the early days of sick leave :( . We did reach an agreement, that I could reduce down to working 2 shifts per week. I am glad to say that it has worked out well all round. :-D
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