Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

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Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby cocobella » Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:52 pm

Hi everyone,

Sorry I am turning into a serial poster!! Last week I posted about how I was admitted to hospital with facial/tongue and arm/hand twitching on my left side. The doctor in the admission ward felt it was nothing serious and turned me away. Also made me feel like a loony and said he thought it was anxiety. Which it was absolutely NOT! I was anxious because I could not control my face basically doing it's own little dance!!! :yikes:

Anyway, I have been mildly feeling twitchy the past week but today is awful. My face is really spasming as is my foot and arm all on the left side. I also have a bit of numbness too. I do not think it is a stroke/blood clot or anything really serious as I do not have any cardiovascular problems and am not overweight (anymore!) or have high blood pressure etc. My doctor surgery stops triage at 12pm and says if you have anything urgent to call nhs24!!!! I just wonder what am I meant to do? The twitching is quite painful in my face and very visible as people at work even saw it today. This spasming and chronic twitching is a very NEW symptoms for me and I just wonder what I should do?

Can anyone offer advice? I feel as though my GP is too busy to even listen and the consultant on the admission ward thinks I have anxiety LOL!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated........

Thanks in advance peeps!

Coco x
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Re: Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby redhead » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:18 pm

are you on pregablin? when I was put on this I started twitching and although I took myself off it I still twitch, doc said its meds as it is an epilepsy drug, many others also do it, I think he said codeine? x not sure if he's right though it seems a few off us suffer with twitches? x
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Re: Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby Miichelle » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:40 pm

What did NHS24 say ? xx
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Re: Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby Baby-Hedgehog » Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:01 pm

agree with Michelle - do check with NHS24

something worth considering (although your case seems a lot more extreme than mine) is Zinc and Magnesium supplements... can help with that muscle twitching.... but as extreme as yours is, I'd say it really does need a thorough checking. You are entitled to a 2nd opinion, and I think it's time to get one x
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Re: Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby whoami » Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:12 pm

Coco....If this is bothering you as much as it sounds ike then I would think that you should contact your Dr or go to emerg. if you are not getting any helpful advice . The squeky wheel gets the grease. Tell them about your medications and everything going on in your life.

Coco.....I have had twitching due to meds. I forget which one, it was years ago.

Coco......and other members!!!!! I also want to tell you without scaring you , that I had a stroke about 10 years ago. I never had high blood pressure, heart conditions, high cholesterol, weight issue, anything that would suggest the possibility. At the same time I got Bells Palsy on the opposite side of my face. ( I was quite a sight, one side froze with an open eye and the opposite side droopy. LOL)

My first symptom was a severe headache the week before and twitching in my eye. The Dr in emerg gave me more pain meds for headache and sent me home. A few days later my tongue felt numb, I couldn't spit or format a circle with my lips. Hubby was away with work and I didn't go to the Dr again. Next thing I couldn't close my eye but the other side of my face completely dropped. Anyway hubby took me to Dr as soon as he saw me. I spent 2 weeks in hospital with a diagnosis of a stroke and Bells Palsy.

Sorry for the long post. I don't want anyone to ignore any new symptoms like I did. Do not assume it is the fibro. Get yourselves checked and if you are not satisfied then ask for another Dr. I had great care at the hospital once I admitted to myself something was wrong.


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Re: Facial Nerve/Muscle Twitching Advice

Postby frankie23 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 12:50 am

Both vitamin D and magnesium deficiencies can cause involuntary muscle twitching so if possible you could ask your GP for a blood test to check for these.

If the twitching lasts more than about 3 months then it's probably worth considering complex motor tic syndrome. I have it and it started very suddenly and completely out of the blue. Along with more complex tics I also get a lot of random twitches in my arms and face. Hopefully it won't last that long for you though and you will be able to figure what's causing this soon!

Best of luck!
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