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Re: Help.!:)

Postby Tel1 » Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:47 pm

Thanks all for all of that... I will definitely look at the mindfulness:) If it actually IS anxiety that is really causing all this, then I think
I will need years of counselling to get my brain free of the way I have trained it:)) One thing I can never understand is this, they SAY that Fibro.. is caused by anxiety etc etc, or rather can be with past trauma etc... well I just thought, if that is the case, maybe that is why we all have colds from time to time....suffice to say I never have flu or colds..!! so therefore perhaps this is why I have got Fibro??

Yeh sure we all have had stresses in our lives.... but I wonder if Fibro is really caused by that, or does Fibro make you have anxiety and depression and everything else.? I have asked 9 different doctors that question and none of them could answer me:)
In the meantime, thanks again to all who replied to my initial questions:)) :-)
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