Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

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Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby Crafty_Lady » Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:36 am

I have now had 2 sessions of Hydro therapy. Gosh, i am finding it very hard, not just doing it, its getting ready for it, travelling there (40mins in car) and then doing the hydro, then coming home, washing swimsuit/towel, I am really knackered. They have tried to get me to do 2 sessions a week and that was supposed to happen last week, well i couldn't do it so i called and cancelled.

Did anyone else find this hard going? I'm not sure what to do, i could carry on going once a week but i am finding it very hard to even go. I haven't noticed any benefit from it yet. It probably sounds rubbish doesn't it - me only done 2 sessions.... the other thing is i don't think they know i have Fibro, i didn't mention it last time as there was a big queue behind me and if felt they were all listening.... plus theres always in my head someone might say "fibro what? whats that?" - silly i know. Anyway, my next session (no. 3) is Tuesday.....

I have certainly been feeling worse lately, i am just absolutley pooped all the time. Its like no matter what you eat (for energy) my energy stays at Zero. I also get really heavy arms and they sometimes feel like they aren't even there. The other thing is my husband has suggested a little holiday - not too far away, but i am worried about that because of how i am feeling, hard enough at home, let alone somewhere else.....
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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby flashsjill » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:36 pm

My pyscio said that the first few sessions would be hard and tiring. I usually come home and have to spend the next day in bed as I am so exhausted. Only benefit I found was that it has helped with the movement of my arm ( after op for cancer) and not helped with my go to symptoms at all. My sessions have finished now and I may be moving onto acupuncture? Can't see it helping to be honest but I will give anything a go to try to eleviate my constant pain.
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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby HazelB » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:47 pm

I've had hydro twice. The first time, I was like you , it was 30 mins journey to get there and same back. I was just worn outer and got no benefit.
2nd time was at my local hospital, so only 5 min drive. I got some lot more benefit from second lot because I was not exhausted just getting there xxx

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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:49 pm

You need to tell your hydrotherapist how the past 2 sessions have left you feeling, as well as the thoughts you have been having about continuing with them. It could be that during the first few sessions, a degree of feeling worse is to be expected for most taking part, but as the sessions progress, improvements may well start appearing.

As for doing 2 sessions per week, whilst it may not be manageable at the moment, continuing with the hydro could help you reach a point where your strength and stamina have increased/improved where this is possible.

Or it could be that hydrotherapy doesn't suit you, as not all therapies help everyone. The important thing at the moment tho is talking to the therapists as they may be able to make changes to your programme that make a difference for you.

Wrt to hubby's holiday idea, again some talking is needed. Ask him were he was thinking about taking you and what sort of activities he was considering doing. It could be that he has a a few days of complete rest in mind for the both of you, with meals out and just simple and quick meal ideas for the times when you may be eating in.

When you've spoken to people and have a better idea of plans, possibilities, options etc, you may find it helps with how you're feeling and things start to become a little easier for you :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed: :fingerscrossed:
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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby shortnsweet54 » Sun Jun 29, 2014 1:35 pm

I';ve been having hydro gfor about 4 months now. i had 6 NHS sessions and now pay for a self help type thing at £2 a session.

My GP and rheumy referred me to hydro and i had an in depth" talking" session with the pyhsio who sees a lot of fibro patients. A few of us went to the first hydro session and we were given a few gentle exercises to do, more stretches than exercise. She did say the firsr few times might leave us very tired as we were doing stuff we;d not done before, however to tell her any adverse side effects and she could help, even if we did no exercise and just relaxed in the water with floats etc she thought would help

I find just being in the lovely warm water very relaxing and it has helped ease off my arthritic knee, frozen shoulder and stiff neck, it seems over the weeks even gentle leg raises with the pressure if the water have helped my wretched joints. Luckily i'm not far from the hospital and my fibro is more in certain joints than anything.

I'd advise anyone with difficulty to talk to the physio or hydrotherapist and see what they recommend, it might not be for everyone, i can only speak from experience

good luck to you all xx
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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby bouncer0304 » Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:11 pm

I went before i was diagnosed with Fibro. It was for the disc degeneration. After four sessions, my hydrotherapist stopped me since the last sessions was very painful and difficult. She agreed that for some it didn't work and that i'd done my best. She was happy with how i'd put into it but it was agitating my back. Have a word with your therapist and go from there. Maybe ask if there's anywhere closer too- bus trips that take so long won't help at all.
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Re: Finding Hydro Hard Going...what to do....

Postby MichelleJ » Wed Jul 02, 2014 10:33 pm

I did it and it left me exhausted every time and I had a similar journey to you too. However I started to be able to do more each time and then was able to start going to my local swimming pool when it finished (8 sessions in total for me). In the pool I just walked up and down to start and gently moved my limbs, no swimming to start. From there I built up very slowly to the point where I can now swim 10 lengths each time and don't trigger the exhaustion and fatigue anymore either. But we all different so speak to your therapist and take it from there. Good luck.
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