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Postby Butterfly8588 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:20 pm

Hi there,
I keep meaning to post this and someone else's post reminded me and I didnt want to hijack their post so I'm posting a new one! Wow thats a lot of posts hehe. Anyway here goes:
Does anyone else struggle in this weather? It starts my costochondritus, I struggle to breathe, I feel so drained, I cant think cos I'm so foggy in the head and I'm unbearably hot I just cant function. Do other people get this? I know we all struggle but I'm literally struggling to put one foot in front of the other here and I have so much to do. Give me snow any day!

Gentle hugs xxx
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Re: Temperature

Postby FluppyPuffy » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:48 pm

Linky to a current topic running on a similar subject. The heat really does seem to be battering quite a few of us :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

I've never been particularly good in hot weather, preferring to be somewhere cool and shady rather than hot and bright, and it's something that has become more intense as each year has passed. At the moment I'm only going outside when absolutely necessary, and I'm back in as quick as I can, if not then I'm throbbing from head to toe.

There have been a couple of times I've been out with :dogrun1: and we've got caught in a shower, which has felt :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: I think we need our own personal :fireman: :fireman: :fireman: :fireman: :fireman: to keep spraying us to keep cool :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Temperature

Postby denys » Mon Jul 21, 2014 6:36 pm

Yes the hot weather ends up making me so exhausted its difficult to keep going :shock: :shock: :shock:

As a Public Moderator of this forum my opinions/views expressed are personal and are no more valid than those of other members and not necessarily those of UKFibromyalgia.
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Re: Temperature

Postby Theresa34 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:03 pm

I prefer colder weather. But saying that, when its cold, I want heat lol Its personal preference rather than whether it affects the illness or not.
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Re: Temperature

Postby Lindenp » Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:47 pm

I have heard lots of Fibro sufferers talking about being affected by the weather but I don't seem to have that problem. Hope you can find something that helps soon.

Gentle hugs. Linden
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Re: Temperature

Postby Saxsmith27 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:33 pm

I find sitting in the sun for twenty mins or so helps the pain, but I have been working outside in the garden lately and the dizziness I have been getting has really given me a bit if a fright. I don't know of it is the heat, the work or a combo of both.
Perhaps keeping a cool spray bottle handy. I love a spritz of liz Earle tonic to the face to cool down at the minute. Hope you manage to find a way through the summer.x
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Re: Temperature

Postby mare2312 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:14 am

I have been suffering with hot sweats for years along with white fingers when the weather is cold. The hot sweats have been getting worse as the years pass by. My worst times I permanently look like I've just stepped out of the shower, which is hard work as it is, and never dried myself, my hair is permanently wet through. I, as many others, don't go out in the sun for obvious reasons and dread it when I do have to go out. I always make for shaded parts when possible bot the closeness of the atmosphere still gets to me.

I never go out around mid-day and afternoon if I can help it. About 30 years ago I was told by my GP the sweats were due to early menopause and they would eventually pass. How wrong was she? I'm vexed with them more than ever and even suffer with them during cold weather as well. My internal thermostat has a mind of its own, I never know what its going to do.

Last year it was so bad that during the winter months I invested in a portable air conditioner in preparation for this summer. Hey, I know it doesn't go with the décor but who cares? Not me as I now have a bolt hole I can go to and cool down. A damn good investment. Its certainly better than me having to always carry a towel round with me to keep drying myself. I'd much rather it be colder, I can then dress accordingly with extra layers and have been known to be around the house with coat on. I find there is no happy medium between the two.

I feel for everyone else who suffers in this way as if Fibro doesn't have enough symptoms to throw at us on a daily basis. One thing I do try to do is keep smiling and be happy as many of you will know even that is hard to do at times.
My thoughts are with you.
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Re: Temperature

Postby dejay » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:51 pm

I was going to write then read your post mare2312,and it seemed you were writing about me ,i to was told years ago it was menopausal,keep telling dr about the sweats i wonder if its tablets but at 70 yrs old i think im over menopause, I take a clean blouse or t shirt if i go any where so i can get changed as i feel embarrased when i feel sweat running down my back and i pad my bra with tissues to try and catch it running down the front, its a nightmare,these sweats happen anytime even on a cold day, i wish someone would find a answer to all the fibro problems,it might not be in my life but i pray it could be in the younger fibros, love to all
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Re: Temperature

Postby 0okelebeko0 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:23 pm

I was just discussing this with my GP yesterday, as I sat there melting into a puddle in her office!
She said, that as well as the fibro, it's also a side effect of most painkillers, which I guess we're all taking plenty of... She said, there'snothing really that can be done, just the oobvious - loose cotton clothing, leaving plenty time for things so you aren't rushing, drinking plenty water and all the rest...
She's an excellent GP who is a real believer in fibro and I'm sure if there was anything further she could have suggested, I'm sure she would.
Up until 3 years ago I lived abroad. I've always been a sun worshipper and very easily coped with living and working in 40-50°C temperaturesfor most of the year. At the moment, I wouldn't dare go abroad, I really don't think I could cope (not that I could handle the flight anyway, sitting in one position for longer than half n hour isn't an option)
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Re: Temperature

Postby Gilly52 » Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:37 pm

Hi Everyone

Yes.........like you all I am struggling in this heat, a few nice days is ok, but this is going on too long. I am trying hard to pace myself but don't seem to be getting anywhere, my legs feel like lead........so walking far is out of the question, warm and restless nights don't help the following day.

Does anyone feel their head (forehead) going very cold? :crazy: one minute it's soaking wet, then very quickly I am into a cold sweaty feeling in my face and head.

Drinking lots, can't say I feel hungry, washing done and dried but I don't think I can tackle the ironing as well today.

At least with each other on here we can have a little moan, and we are not alone, I don't believe any of us are lazy, our minds are willing but our bodies are completely running on empty :!:

Try to keep cool everyone, hope you all have a decent weekend without too many aches and pains
Gilly :-)
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Re: Temperature

Postby Lindilou » Fri Jul 25, 2014 7:01 pm

Can't cope with the heat myself either, am exhausted. I THINK from Sunday it will be around 20c.

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