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Postby shane ibbitson » Sun Jul 27, 2014 10:49 pm

Hello everyone who has Fibromyalgia, I have had this illness for a very long time, doctor's didn't know what it was, the hospitals didn't know neither, by then I was my wits end what to do, or where to go. Then I seen a friend who I know, and she said to me, can you find some more information out, that I don't know, so I asked Dr Merry in frome medical practice , that's why I am doing a lecture to the Dr's in Frome Somerset and surrounding villager's and people who has the disease, and also people who has it and how to cope with it. So everyone who has this Fibromyalgia if they would have your views on the subject, Please do not worry will not be spread all over the paper's and magazines, that is not my nature to do such thing. Thank you very much best wishes Shane Ibbitson :roll: :yikes:
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Re: Fibromyalgia

Postby Garyl » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:04 am

I was lucky that when diagnosed, the rhuematolgist was so honest with me, with glazed eyes he apologised to me and then said i had Fibromyalgia, whats that i asked he said a evil illness that has no cure at this moment in time. And was very little he cold do to help me that was 7 years ago, My GP is good as she knows me well and when i am worse, and adjusts medication as and when needed.

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Re: Fibromyalgia

Postby Susan Stokes » Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:29 am

My experience was very similar. Saw my GP who said 'you have fibromyalgia'. I asked him what we could do about it and he said nothing. The only thing is prozac to help you cope with it.
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Re: Fibromyalgia

Postby kuls » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:14 pm

Hi Shane. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 2 years of symptoms and lots and lots of tests. However, I was told I had minor arthritis in my hands and feet and fibromyalgia and was discharged with a lot of medication. The medication made me feel worse and so I stopped taking it completely. When I was at my worst , I made a decision that this could not be what the rest of my life would be so I looked at finding alternative ways of healing. I was lucky enough to be introduced to lifewave acupuncture patches which I used and within 3 weeks I went from being in agonizing pain 24/7 and barely being able to move, to gardening for an hour and having much less pain and more energy. I could barely believe it!!! I also started meditating which also had a profound affect on my health improvement. The patches worked so well for me that I did all the required training and more, and started to help other people to get pain relief with the acupuncture patches.
I have been completely symptom free for over one and 1/2 years .
Now I love using energy work to show people how to overcome chronic pain and anxiety and have had some remarkable results. Our bodies are remarkable at healing ourselves if we find the right tools to use.
I feel completely recovered from my fibromyalgia and am going to Snowdonia to climb Mount Snowdon this week. That is how my healing has affected my life and I am so excited.
I hope this helps with your talk and if you would like to talk to me some more , you can email me at (edit to remove email address for security reasons. Please contact poster via PM for email address *Lisa* UKFM Moderator) and I will be very happy to share all that I know. Good Luck.
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