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Re: Hand pain

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:41 pm

:welcome: to our little sanctuary Teddybear :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: :bear-dancing: Love the screen name :teddy-bear: :teddy-bear: :teddy-bear:

It's good to hear you've got some real benefit from the sessions you attended. The way it was approached sounds very similar to the ways I have been shown to approach living with the condition over the years. Determining my baseline then building up from it is the best way I've found to be able to continue doing things. I've had to reassess things now and again, and have had a few frustrations along the way when baby steps don't feel like they're getting me anywhere, but on the whole, without those principals in place I doubt very much I would be quite where I am today.

Sorry to hear you had to give up riding and :horse_running: :horse_running: :horse_running: FM robbing us of some of those things we love the most can be soul destroying. Sometimes tho, whilst we have had to say goodbye to some things, it can lead us onto something else that can bring us just as much pleasure in its own way.

There are a number of mentions on the boards about how Magnesium supplements have helped how peoples have felt. There are also quite a few who find adding it to their baths and having a nice soak in it can help. Maybe have a looky around the Treatments and Medications board to see what is mentioned on there in relation to alternative/complementary approaches for FM. You could also try using the Search function in the top right corner of each page, esp useful if you're looking for something specific. And of course you can always ask about things, if we can help we'll reply with experiences, advice, findings etc that might be useful for you.
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Re: Hand pain

Postby emma83 » Fri Aug 22, 2014 7:04 am

Hand pain gettin worse I got numbness, pins and needles and to move my fingers is agony been up most of the night with it I just wanna cry. My doctor was suppost to call me yesterday but didn't so fingers crossed today. I can't work at the mo until it's sorted as I'm office based :-( I need some decent pain relief lol!!
My neck has been better this week thou! This is a strange illness!!!
I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Be good to chat to someone who understands so feel free to private message me xxx
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Re: Hand pain

Postby Maelbrigda » Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:08 am

I only got diagnosed last week after 3 years of tests etc. For me the hand, elbow and shoulder pain are the worst. I am a keen crafter but now find knitting, card making and jewellery making next to impossible.
In the house vacuuming, changing the duvet cover, dusting up high, hanging out washing are almost impossible. I too find lifting the kettle or a pot of something very painful. Somedays even lifting a cup of tea is too sore.
After a shower i am exhausted as well as going shopping.
My garden is turning into a jungle as the mower has gotten to much for me.
Live on benefits and cant afford a carer and have no family living nearby.
Just feel really hopeless at the moment
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Re: Hand pain

Postby emma83 » Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:55 pm

My doctor gave me a steroid injection straight into my wrist hand my arm/hand pain is practically gone now!!! It's of course not a long term solution but it means I can return to work finally :-) although my days are reduced to start with due to fatigue and not pushing it to start with.
I've felt like a Guinea pig for medications last months or so but tried different things some with horrible side effects and although in not pain free or sleeping perfectly im hoping I've found the right convo for me and I'm finally starting to come out of this bad fibro lapse. I know I will have bad days and another bad patch etc but I'm happy I can start to return to a more 'normal' life for now at least.
Wishing you all some good days soon,
Lots of love xx
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