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Re: headaches

Postby Gracious » Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:45 am

Di doc, when it comes to lumps you really have to be seen, the helpline recommended the right course of action. I would recommend that you try not to worry about them till they have been seen by your doctor, as there could be a simple explanation and worring will only result in further emotional stress, which leads to body tension, increase muscle tension and further tension in your head. Especailly as your prone and still suffering badly for headaches.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer, had headaches for 24 years. The migraine pain I get can be so bad you could take a mallet to my head and I am sure I would feel no different for the pain is so intense. In the past been to A&E after consuming my daily allowance of pain killers to no effect. They have giving me injections, medication etc, but nothing helped. Now if I go to A&E they just put me on suicide watch, because all they see is this distressed maniac, saying just put me too sleep. The pain clinic helped me understand the pain better and I stoppped going to A&E for help and got my Doctors to refer me again to neurology.

Best thing I learned was ways of relaxing myself, mindfulness was a big help. I can't take my real pain away (Primary pain) but I can help reduce adding to it by looking after my emotions, thoughts, feelings and urges (This is called Secondary Pain, which we can have an impact on and reduce).

It can take a while to get referred to a neurologist for the headaches as your doctor will initially pursue various types of medication. If headaches are persisted and medication ineffective you will be referred, just keep asking for referral. Most likely you will be scanned, CT/MRI. Mine all came back clear so 24/7 Migraines was my diagnosis. I found Maxalt helped a bit but its not always effective. All the others did nothing, but you have to work through the meds, afterall thats what the neurologist will have you do to.

In regards to the lumps in your neck, I found two on my neck a while back and I panicked because I have had lumps removed from my breasts, so first repsonse was OMG I have Cancer. I was informed I had Swollen Lymph nodes and it was nothing to worry about. Now I still worried, which didn't help my headaches, and then I researched it when diagnosed with Fibro and found that others have had similar issues. The swelling eventually when down, so who knows what that was all about, but it was still worth seeing the doctor.

Your doing all the right things, by going to your doctors, but you can also really help yourself too, by being kind to yourself and mindful of yourself. Its hard not to worry and stress, but it really helps work on keeping it in check by doing relaxation and mindfulness...dont add to that Secondary Pain.

I hope you get some conclusion to your troubles and that there is something that helps you get them under control.

With loving kindness
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Re: headaches

Postby *Lisa* » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:01 pm

On a fibro point of view for me, when i get headaches i call my physio as mine are muscle related. When the muscles tighten and spasm around the neck and jaw i get an awful migraine and the only way to relieve this is physio to relax the muscles down or it lingers for weeks on end :shock:
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