Is it fibro or my meds causing burning and crawling?

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Re: Is it fibro or my meds causing burning and crawling?

Postby Gracious » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:00 pm

Rich I found it took 4-6 weeks to see some differences in symptons of pain. I never looked at Duloxetine to help my depression as I never found any SNRI or SRRI helpful for me, just to many side effectives, but it seems I am hypersensitive to medication, so that may explain it. I hope you start to gain some benefit as your dosage goes up.

I came off all anti-depressant meds for 7 months as I wanted to see if I needed to take them and what benefit they were providing me. It wasn't till month five I really noticed the effects of not taking my Lofepramine. My mood drastically changed, was no longer coping with even the small stuff and it made me very unstable with my PSDD/PMS. It was clear there was a need for support. The minute I returned to my Lofepramine I noticed a difference in 5 days. I gained enough stability to cope with the my low mood and strong thoughts, feelings and emotions. Afterall you still get them, the drug just helps you be better placed to deal with mood changes and all that comes with them.

For me I have always found talking therapies to be the greatest help for depression, and the supported medication makes it easier to talk about distressing thoughts and feelings in the sessions, which can be tough going. I have done various talking therapies and for me CBT was okay but ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and CFT (Compassion Focused Therapy) were far better at really helping to give me the tools to look after myself and my own mind. Both specialise in mindfulness and I would recommend them to anyone who suffers long term chronic pain, and depression falls into that category with or without fibro attached to it. Recommended books would be:

Steven Hayes 'Get Out of Your mind and Into Your Life'
Russ Harris 'ACT Made Simple'
Paul Gilbert 'Compassionate Mind'

Paul Gilbert has some lovely Podcasts to help explain CFT and some helpful relaxation and compassion focused exercises on the following link, which I found helpful. He really focuses on being kind to yourself in moments of distress. It may or may not be helpful to yourself, but worth a listen: ... dcast.html

Hope this is of some help
With loving kindness
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Re: Is it fibro or my meds causing burning and crawling?

Postby Roger Rabbit » Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:42 am


My knees feel as if they have got worms crawling around in them when they are bad.
The pain and burning is so bad in my feet, legs along with everything else I have to use a wheelchair.
Thighs numb and burning

hope this helps with confirmation of fibro and not meds
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Re: Is it fibro or my meds causing burning and crawling?

Postby rich44 » Mon Sep 01, 2014 6:29 am

Ooooh thanks v much for the info.

I'm not much for talking, different on here but in the real world I'm not a very social person. I feel a bit awkward probably somewhere on the more "normal" end of aspergers.
I have to get the wife to read my email sometimes because I often take things the wrong way.

I'll have a look at your info, cheers
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