Post exercise pain. Anyone else get it?

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Re: Post exercise pain. Anyone else get it?

Postby LizzyMac » Sun Sep 07, 2014 8:27 am

The pain I get isn't muscular. People are talking about being sore like normal people get.

After exercise, I get sharp pains in my bones, usually my hands, forearms, feet... and of course my fibro spots along my back and hips.

But I still find that doing small amounts of gentle exercise improves my overall health enough that it's worth it. I just have to take it easy and not try to push myself too much. Yesterday, I ran for a bus (just a short distance) and then the bus driver yelled at me because someone had held the door for the 10 seconds it took because the bus was already running late, and that got me all stressed out.

Came home, threw up, then spent the rest of the night in agony. My feet hurt so much that if I tried to put my weight on them, they just gave out and I'd stumble.

Next time I just wait 10 minutes for the next bus. LOL
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