I can't stand this anymore!

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Re: I can't stand this anymore!

Postby KATIEP59 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:04 am

Well I went to the new GP yesterday and asked for a referral to which her response was "well nothing much has changed since your diagnosis so let's see if we can try something else" (my diagnosis was 12 years ago!!) I asked about a pain clinic and she avoided the question completely :( She started me on amitriptyline 10mg which I have tried before and which did nothing except make me a zombie this morning. I was still in pain although it felt somehow removed but I can't go through life feeling like a zombie. She said it is good for nerve pain and is running some other tests because of my excessive sweating and very, very painful legs and feet but I really got the impression from how she was that she thought I would get over it and get better and whilst I am sure that is everyone's dream who suffers from FM it doesn't seem to be a reality. Back to coping alone :(
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Re: I can't stand this anymore!

Postby KATIEP59 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 10:09 am

Tel1 wrote:Hi all....... thanks for all your replies.... This damn condition really does get to us doesn't it...!! :yikes:

I phoned the GP surgery today and they told me that the GP is HAPPY with the rest of my blood tests, I think it was the A&A
amongst others things and so I don't have auto immune disease or lupus thank GOD!!!! but I am going to have another
FBC in the next few days to see if this WBC thing has gone back to normal)) so I am hoping it will do.... He kept asking me
before if I had a took ache infection or anything else? and I said no.... so that is why I am worrying as I don't think I have
had any infection?? oh well:)) we will see eh... However I still have to heavy aching feeling, twitches and slight stabbing
pains in my legs, arms and hands.... I am also going back to the rheumatologist again as it was 18 months ago he diagnosed
me with Fibro... so I will see what he says to me this time.... :-)

Tel1 I get these symptoms too, heavy aching legs, twitches, stabbing pains, restless legs but my GP doesn't think a Rheumatologist can help any more than she can! I sometimes think because of other people's reactions that I am imagining my pain but quickly realise I'm not and I often ask my family do you hurt anywhere? because it cannot be normal to hurt all the time. I really feel I am alone in fighting this dreaded thing :-?
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Re: I can't stand this anymore!

Postby Tel1 » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:12 pm

Hi ALL:))

Thanks for all your explanations it is good to hear what other people have to say and have experienced ....
suffice to say, I had the results of my blood tests again!!:)) and this time they are normal again! I just don't understand
it to be honest: :yikes: First of all the GP said ... Hmmmm! I don't THINK you have Lupus!! but then again I thought
why is he mentioning it IF he doesn't really know and of course worrying me to death in the process :yikes:
He did blood test to death, immune system, A&A ESR liver lipid's kidney's liver you name it... and it all came back
normal in the end.... all this worry:)) especially after he wrote to me asking me to go and see him due to the first lot
of blood tests, only to find out that I had raise white cells.. which he said was an infection *somewhere* but had the
bloods all repeated and this time all clear....Oh well, at least I am not on my way out yet:)) Lets hope that I don't
have any more shocks flare ups whatever..... I need to have a nice holiday somewhere in the peace, with a view,
swimming pool / beach and being waited on hand and foot.... perhaps that will make me happier :)))
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