Community Care Grant Advice

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Community Care Grant Advice

Postby cocobella » Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:47 pm

Hi everyone,

Have any of you ever applied for or know much about a community care grant that you can apply for via your local council? It is supposed to help with costs if you are in crisis etc.

What you are about to read you may think is about a teenager, this is in fact ME a 27 year old living in hell.
Anyway, I am wondering if I would eligible since I MUST get out of my current living situation as it is ripping me to shreds from the emotional abuse I am suffering. I am 27 and still at parents I cannot bare it any longer. I was told over the weekend that I am a burden to them, they are sick of seeing me throwing my life away and if I lose weight I will feel better. Completely disregarding the stone I have already lost (ONLY 2 more to go) they go on at me as if I am morbidly obese. They want the old me back and clearly struggle with this. I also practice pacing as I work part-time and my pacing routine involves me having a 1 - 2 hour nap each day I come home from work. They constantly wake me up and tell me I am lazy etc. I cannot deal with their expectations that I will NEVER meet!!! My father complains about my weight and activity levels constantly, never ever praises me for going to work or when he sees me doing well. My mother just shouts at me all the time now and is incapable of conversation. When in bed and I shout on her I just get told to wait or just get ignored. IT is soul destroying. My friends do not visit here anymore as they simple cannot stand my parents. I get zero help at home and when I am having a bad day I pretty much just have to stay in bed! All washing, meals and cleaning regarding myself all have to be done by ME!! on bad days all of that just gets thrown out the window. Also bearing in mind I have had 2 years of hell, gone through thyroidectomy and parathyroidectomy surgery and am still dealing with the after effects of that.

I am at the top of my local council housing register, however the officer dealing with my case has said she feels it will be a bad idea for me to move out at the moment as my part time wage will not cover my living costs. I have my tribunal for PIP at the end of november and that is the only thing that will help me become independant and live in peace. MY solicitor has been fantastic and has stated she thinks I will win this case as I have tons of evidence, however it is still time consuming and horrible when people do not think you are in need enough. I NEED to move out, I am already in debt but am happy to pay my rent on credit cards just to get my own place. I have a small amount of furniture, NO savings and NO money! I have nobody I can stay with as my friends have no room and have kids, I have no other family I can stay with and I cannot borrow any money from anyone!! My parents are wealthy and I have asked them countless times to lend me money to assist me in moving out and am constantly told NO! I am trapped here and my mental health is suffering big time!!

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

sad coco :(
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Re: Community Care Grant Advice

Postby aziriphale » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:10 pm

Not so sure about the community care grant

but it might be worth looking into seeing if you would be eligible for housing benefit and tax credits since your wage is so low
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Re: Community Care Grant Advice

Postby hazely » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:37 pm

Hi I agree with op don't think you would qualify for community care grant. you should however be able to claim housing and council tax benefit. You do not state how many hours you work at, if enough do you claim working tax credits.
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Re: Community Care Grant Advice

Postby jom2774 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 7:25 pm

The lovely condem government has scrapped the community care grant. It has been superceded by welfare fund that you can only get through professionals. You no longer get money, it is for essential furniture and comes flat packed unless it is a bed, fridge etc.
As you are over 25 and a disabled person, you should dependent on your salary be eligible for working tax credit, which dependent on your needs you could get the disabled element too.
In terms of your rent and salary, you should apply for housing and council tax benefit, even if it is only a few pounds a week, it would help.
If you are struggling to manage your daily living activities, like getting up and personal care, you should call the local authority for a social work and occupational therapy assessment. You may be eligible for a service and aids and adaptations to your new property.
If your parents do turf you out, housing would have a duty as a disabled person to find you temporary accommodation until you are rehoused.
I hope this helps
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