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Postby Patsb » Tue Nov 04, 2014 3:52 pm

Does anyone suffer this as well as fibro?
I had mine under control until I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in March 2012. My panic attacks are back too and I'm ashamed to say that I havnt left the house for 12 months.
I'm in constant pain down my left side especially my left knee and foot left hand and wrist ...constant pins and needles and shaking.
I'm left handed which makes things worse. I havnt sat or slept in comfort for over 2 years. I'm on codamol ...diazapam
And lansoprazole I have even stopped visiting my gp has all he did was push anti depressants onto me which caused me to go from a size 12 to a size 16 this has really depressed me.
My poor husband as to do all the shopping and heavy housework.
I feel for the people here who are misunderstood I'm also sick of being told to stop moaning/ get some fresh air/ do some exercise ect grrrrr
Do they think I chose this lifestyle!!!!!
Well rant over lol hope to hear from anyone trapped in their own home like I am. :-|
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby TLumsden » Tue Nov 04, 2014 9:26 pm

this is my 4th attempt at replying to you Patsb as each time i try i forget what i am saying so here goes on hopefully my final attempt. I never really left my home for about 3yrs when i first finished work because i lost all confidence in myself and started having panic attacks whenever i had to go out. Even the thought of going out triggered an attack and i found it easier to not attempt it unfortunately my wife did not understand my problem and nagged me constantly about letting her down. Whenever we made plans to do something or rather when she arranged an outing i invariably let her down which didn't go down too well. I suffered from a lack of vitamin D in my body due to the fact i never got any sunlight and now take a vitamin D substitute called Fultium to help with that problem. My wife left me nearly 3 yrs ago and i had to learn how to live my life again with help from my kids and i slowly learned how to control the fear of going out. I went to the local shops at first where i felt fairly comfortable and then started going to town which to be honest i still struggle with at times but i carry on trying. I always have someone with me for moral support and to hold my hand if i need it. It has been hard at times and i still have panic attacks but i keep pushing myself because i have nobody else to push me when i need it. I am on Trazadone which i take at bedtime and i am on Gabapentin and Tramadol. I also take medication for other health problems that make my life that little bit harder still. I seem to have lost my point but i think it is this you can beat your Agoraphobia and panic attacks but it will be slow and scary but do not give up trying to beat it. The pain on your left hand side will no doubt move to a different part of your body next week and then somewhere else again the next day.
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby Patsb » Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:55 am

Thank you for your reply.i have tried gabapentin and trazadone neither worked unfortunately. I think because of the fibromyalgia I'm afraid of falling if I go outside because I feel so unsteady on my feet. I will keep trying though to overcome my fear. I hope you keep feeling better and thank you again.
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby iblinkin » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:00 am

HI TLumsden, I looked up Fultium and found interesting and important info on this product, I'm posting a link for you and for anyone else wanting to take this product. Some caution should used when taking this.

I myself take liquid D drops as it's quite common for fibro warriors to be very low in Vitamin D and mine was in the basement. ... um-d3.html
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby Tel1 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:56 pm

Hi Patsb

Well honey I could talk to you for HOURS about all this:)) lets just say Fibro doesn't cause panic attacks etc, I have been to
about 14 consultants over this, but being in an agoraphobia state of mind it will make the fibro worse!
I get panic attacks quite often and have ended up in A&E 5 times in the past because of it.... my first attack was
in a tube train all crushed up together between South Kensington and Knightsbridge... can you imagine that!!! :yikes:
it was dreadful totally dreadful and I never ever thought I was going to ever leave the house again....however that was
back in 1985 and here I still am:)) I went to loads of mental units over the years, and then I went to a sleep clinic and
they told me I have sleep apnoea which also makes Fibro worse as it just makes you so spaced out and tired and of course
that leads to depression... A doctor at Papworth hospital told me that my panics are also due to Laryngospasm so look on
the internet about that and see if it is what you have..... But rest assure you WILL be ok IF you try to get out, don't stay
in all the time as it WILL get worse :yikes: come back to me if you wana chat about it all... :-)
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby Shakenache » Fri Nov 14, 2014 7:08 am

When I was a nipper I had Selective Mutism. At home my family saw a normal little girl, at school they thought I was autistic as I was mute. I never got a diagnosis back then as it was put down to just being shy. One day, watching all the other kids playing and laughing together I felt very different. I imagined when we were all grown up they would have jobs, homes, families... But how would I ever achieve any of those things!

That moment galvanised me into action, one tiny step at a time. Step 1 was that if someone said Hello to me I would say Hello back no matter how hard it was. It took many years to completely overcome the phobia but I did it! These days folks are amazed to think I ever suffered with it.

Now, with Fibro, I've had to stop working. Not just the pain etc but mostly because of fibrofog. In a fairly contained environment, ie home it's not so much of a problem but it creates havoc outside of my comfort zone and it truly brought me to my knees. Add to that my stalker problem and there are even more issues to consider. Now I realise I am quietly creeping towards an agoraphobic tendency myself and find this quite unsettling. As though I might revert back to Selective Mutism!

I can't let that happen. I've beat it before so I know I can do it. One step at a time.

Fear is greater than pain.
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Re: Agoraphobia

Postby dazzleship » Fri Nov 14, 2014 8:48 am

I do get very nervous and panicky in crowds quite a lot, dunno if it's actual agoraphobia though, I just start to get panicky if there are too many people. Luckily hubby is with me so he always calms me down.

With regard to actual panic attacks- (that awful overwhelming feeling that I just have to run. now.) - I first suffered panic attacks as a teenager due to things happening back then. They went away when my life got better and I hadn't had them for maybe 15 years or so.

But a few weeks ago I was getting them again - I recognised and remembered the feelings as being the same as when I got panic attacks as a teenager. Yet there was no discernable reason why I should be getting them now. I began to wonder if it was the gabapentin that was causing them.

Well you know what? Since I've stopped that awful medicine I haven't had another panic attack. Still get the panicky crowd feeling, but I'd had that before I started the tablets. So for me, it was the gabapentin causing the panic attacks.

Disclaimer: I know some people like gabapentin, I'm not saying it will give you all panic attacks. Just saying what happened to me. Your mileage may vary. :mrgreen:
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