Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

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Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby Ann-Marie72 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 7:54 pm

I woke on Sunday with a really stiff neck. As time went on I had horrid shooting pains all over the right side of my head and my face felt puffy. By Monday night there were pins and needles on the left side of my head, I really thought something serious was wrong!
Just another spasm, ho hum. I've had them in my back before but nothing like this!!!
My (new) G.P. says that muscle relaxants won't help as it's too high up this time. Can anyone relate to this and tell me what helps? I miss my sleep :sleep:
Thanks zzzzz
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby pj1943 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:14 pm

I have the same problem at times and the only thing I have found which helps me is a support collar which I wear in bed. You can get one from physio or on internet. Hope that helps :-)
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby mopinwil » Wed Nov 05, 2014 8:32 pm

I have been using two books recently that I purchased a few years ago but was too ill to read it correctly. Then my husband had trouble with his joints and he read it and helped me to use the self-help information it contained and I find it relieves a lot of pain: ... ger+points ... ger+points

Hope this information helps.

Mopinwil in Jersey, UK
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby iblinkin » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:02 pm

Hi Ann-Marie72, i feel very bad for you as i know what you're going thru, myself I'm just coming off of 2 weeks or more of this misery and i used muscle relaxers for it and got some relief and what mopinwil pointed out about trigger point therapy does help but it takes practice and patience to get it right and i do this every day and it does give some relief.

Good luck with it and i hope it helps. :-)
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Nov 05, 2014 9:12 pm

My muscles constantly spasm and strain from my neck to my back and ribs.

I take for this diazapam to help relax the muscle, an anti-inflammitory to help the inflammation, codiene for pain relief, heat rub to add to relaxing the muscle and i call my physio who comes out to do trigger point therapy although i would stress (with having years of experience) let the spasm and inflammation calm down a bit before doing any trigger point work on it as it can make it worse.

I personaly would avoid collers but its what ever helps you.
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby Gracious » Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:49 am

Anne-Marie72, a sprain or spasm of the trapezius is best looked after using heat and support and gentle stretching for the neck. Both myself and my mum suffer regularly from this strain in our trapezius due to a host neck problems and fibro. You can take the pain killers and the muscle relaxants, but I have to say the best method I found to speed up the relaxation of the spasm and reduce pain was working on a combination of treatments.

I avoided oral pain killers. Instead I used Voltarol gel and massaged that into the muscle covering from the base of skull all the way down to bra strap level and across the sholders. The trapezius is a big muscle so its best to cover that area. Do both sides even if you feel pain mostly on one side. (picture below shows you the muscle)
Trapezius.png (138.12 KiB) Viewed 2848 times

I would strongly recommend getting a collar. I have two that I use, a soft foam collar and a firm pastic collar. The foam collar provides enough support to take the strain of trying to support your head and allows the muscles a chance to relax. It also creates heat which helps warm up the muscles to aid relaxation to. I have the plastic collar if I really dont want any neck movement at all, to add some traction and provide complete support, but I also have herniated and bulging discs in my cervical spine.

I would not recommend wearing any collar in bed as this is muscle not a broken neck and you will need to move the neck periodically to do stretches to help tease the spasm out. I was advised by my doctor's and physio's not to wear the collar in bed, but instead purchase a neck supporting pillow. The memory foam ones worked best and are curved to give enough support to your neck and create the correct alignment.

At leaset 4 times a day or more if you feel up to it, take the collar off and do some neck stretches, slow and small movements, it should feel tight but not extreme pain. Massage and then place the collar back on. In the early stages you may find you need to take some bed rest during the day, partly to take the strain of your head away from your back, its heavier than you think and puts alot of stain on the neck and trapezius.

Once you start to feel it easing, you start to give yourself some time out of the collar to rebuild the strength back into the muscle. This should get longer and longer, till eventually you dont need the collar anymore.

I have this down to an art form now and can reduce the spasm within 3-5 days.

My mother had this and never took my advice...the old mother knows best...but 2 weeks later still in agony she took my advice. Now when she gets this spasm she can reduce the spasm quickly and is down to 5-7 days.

Here are some links to the equipment I use and have found helpful:-

Foam Collar: ... 3a7fb73ad3

Firm Traction Collar: ... 27d2df36ff

Pillow: ... 566c31d606

Hot & Cold Packs: ... 27d2df36ff

Stretches: ... us-muscles

Hope this is of some help and you get relief soon.
With loving kindness
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby Ann-Marie72 » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:42 am

Good morning
Thankyou all for your kind replies.
I do have movelat and a heat pad, a memory foam pillow does sound like a really good idea though. There's nothing worse than trying to throw your head back to swallow a pill the size of a dustbin lid atm!
Haven't heard of tpt before so I will google that today.
I'm through the worst of it now, how lovely to have found people who understand!
Thanks again, hope you're all well x
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Re: Trapezius muscle spasm anyone?

Postby The Fizz » Thu Nov 06, 2014 11:27 pm

I have had two similar bouts of this, this worst one was just before last Christmas, when I had to attend an emergency appointment because it was so bad I could hardly speak or move the symptoms were so bad. Mine was between T3 to T5 on thoracic spine. I was given diazepam in a low dose which helped for about a week and then it stopped working so I was prescribed Baclofen. The draw back with this was I couldn't drive as they made me so drowsy and all my follow up appointments had to be made by taxi. After a while of being on those the fibro doctor at the hospital put me on gabapentin which helped but caused other problems and had to be weaned off them. So the Amitriptyline I was taking (which dose had been lowered so I could take Baclofen) was increased again, which helped a little.

After much research I found out that vitamin B and magnesium deficiencies could be the cause so started taking them and after about 3 weeks my symptoms improved. It needs monitoring with a doctor though, as too much magnesium can cause the problem as well as not enough.

I hope you get relief soon, as I know how miserable it can make you feel. Take care.
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