Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar with)

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Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar with)

Postby JDWench » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:55 pm

ARGH! This week has been horrible! Right from the immense sleeping I've been doing down to the agony which makes me want to cry.
I've been sleeping loads but according to my boyfriend have been making weird noises and talking a lot, so it's not really restful if I'm that active which would explain why last Saturday I passed out for about 20 hours. I've also been having nightmares.
I've been in pain daily and have been taking Tramadol once or twice a day when it's at the worst.
Today I've got trusty Kiera and found one Tramadol in my bag but I have no money to get Paracetamol and only have Ibuprofen :( My legs and back are agony! My right side especially, toes are in spasm and tingly whilst it feels as if my foot has been crushed and the bones are cold, I have a constant ache in my hip and knee joint with sharp pains shooting down that leg from my lower back. My back randomly goes in to spasm without warning, it's over in an instant but takes my breath away, it's also cramping. My left leg feels less painful but the pins and needles are causing "fizzy foot" and my right arm is weak and when I try to perform certain tasks it's as if my arm/hand and brain are completely separated.
Is it the weather? Am I going mad? Is it purely psychological? I'm seriously doubting myself because I haven't been this bad in so long and I feel utterly useless.
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Re: Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar wit

Postby Zia2014 » Fri Nov 07, 2014 3:10 pm

Ouch. I don't know about this stuff, but if you've passed out I would get to your GP/A&E. That doesn't sound good.

sorry, not got time for a longer reply.
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Re: Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar wit

Postby iblinkin » Fri Nov 07, 2014 5:19 pm

Hi JDWench, i feel real bad you're going thru this horrible pain and i know about it first hand. One thing that's important to remember is to move as the worse thing for us is being static (not moving) as our bodies tend to seize up on us, even if it's just small movements like bending your arm and stretching which should be a part of our daily regimen anyway.

I like to take a hot bath with epson salts and do some stretches in the tub, if that's possible for you. I find the pain killers make things worse as they make us lethargic and we tend to stay in bed longer and also not recognizing our limits and we tend to hurt ourselves more by over doing things.

Have you spoke with anyone in alternative medicine like a naturapath? Maybe they could have some suggestions for you that may help give you some relief.

There is info online for yoga for fibro hands that helps with the arm and hand pain and has helped me get some relief, never will be perfect but relief i believe to is the key word here so we can have some comfort with this illness.

I hope you don't think I'm being mean by suggesting you move about because in our minds that's the last thing we want to do when in pain is move, but it will only get worse if we don't move about and we have to be aware of our limits when doing so just like taking baby steps.

Also if you can read up on pressure point therapy as this really does help and it involves finding the tender points and applying constant and steady pressure till the pain reduces or goes away altogether also this can be done in a hot bath which I'm going to be doing myself very shortly.

Do you have a massager? There are some very good ones on the market that help tremendously. One i have is called the Thumper and here is a linky for you to check out and give you an idea of what to look for. There are other ones out there, this is just one of them.

I hope you feel better soon, i care. :-)
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Re: Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar wit

Postby zappa20 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:02 am

Good advice there from Iblinkin. Sounds like you're having some sort of flare up, and it's possible the long time you spent asleep has added to your pain levels. Both my husband and I find our hips and other joints will ache terribly if we oversleep for too long. Even more relevant if you've any underlying joint or bone conditions in the background.

In a flare I found what helped was what Iblinkin suggested, and also if possible to remove anything which remotely caused stress from my life. Things like like noisey TV programmes or even what I'd call an action film with loads of explosions or car chases , to even some of my favourite music because it made me worse. So maybe a gentle comedy or favourite film with no overly emotional tones in it. And stay off the internet or googling for answers.

Pamper yourself with things you enjoy and which relax you, like the bath or massage, or hot chocolate, favourite warm soup, all the things which give you comfort. Lleave tidying up and things for the moment and don't get stressed about the place being untidy just now etc, or from feelings of uselessness. As these worries or thoughts just make hrings worse. Distracting your mind can help but not cure the pain, and if you think it might help perhaps you or your boyfriend could borrow some paracetamol from a neighbour or friend. Most people have them in the house somewhere or other.

Keep moving and stretching gently, and slowly . This is when proper pacing is so important as it will really help cramped and tense muscles. But pacing is a hard technique to learn for most people , including myself. And remind yourself you are not useless, and the severity of pain and symptoms you're feeling will pass.

Wish you well.
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Re: Pain, go away! (another moan you're all too familiar wit

Postby Angie Baby » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:52 am

I've had fibromyalgia since 2010 after the 2nd operation on my spine wasn't as successful as my 1st 1 in 2009. I have to have corticosteroids into both of my knee's and into my left shoulder. The injections in to my shoulder was done under X ray so that they know that they've got the right place. It was a painful injection which was on Tuesday 4 November. My shoulder is still painful but I can move it more than before. :lol:
As for leg cramps, Indian tonic water will help. I don't know why but it does. I don't get to sleep at night and I don't have an appetite. My doctor thinks that I'm depressed, who wouldn't be! Lol. I'm fed up to the back teeth with feeling ill all the time. :yikes: I'm constantly in sever pain. I have to use a wheelchair because I cannot walk very well. I'm 51 and feel 100. :crazy: I have a blue badge and yet when parking up in the places, we get some right funny looks. I think it's because I don't have any visible sign's that I'm ill. That's until my husband Al gets my wheelchair out of the boot. People think because I look alright on the outside I must be alright. How wrong can they be. I'm a fibro fighter but sometimes fibromyalgia wins. :-(. Gentle hugs everyone. Try and find at least one positive everyday. Then you can treat yourselves to. [chocolate] :easter1: :wine: gentle hugs everyone
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