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Postby sammilou2012 » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:52 am

So, its currently 2.50am and im still awake. Thankfull my son is with my sister for the night or i may wake feeling like a zombie in the morning. Not sure it makes a difference as no matter how much sleep i have i always feel like ive not had enough, or even any at all! With a 2 year old on my own this can sometimes take its toll. :(

Im far too tired but can not sleep for the life of me! Any tips on how to get a better nights sleep? My head goes in and out of drowsyness but thats de to my med!

Please Help
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Re: Insomnia

Postby stephdawn » Tue Nov 25, 2014 6:02 am

Hi sammilou2012 sorry to hear what u r going through. I've been down that road and sometime still. If u want can u tell me what meds u r on please and maybe I can give you a few tips. But for now have you tried changing to de-caf tea. You have to do this slowly though, I now have de-caf from 11am and I never have a cuppa after 7pm. Depending on what meds you are on have you thought about Kalmyk tabs? Maybe a trip to you chemist to get advice and if that doesn't help then I would recommend you go back to your go. I've had this condition for just over 16yrs now so please don't think that I'm trying to tell you what to do. It's just that I've been on so many meds and I'm on at least 45 tablets a day! :(. I hope I have helped you. And good luck huni. :). Xx
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Re: Insomnia

Postby Azteka » Tue Nov 25, 2014 4:49 pm

Some tips that might work

lavender, (bubble bath, essential oils, candles , fresh plants dried etc )
Wqrm drink before bed
Resently read that cherries kiwi and (drawing a blank ) can help with sleep i was looking for smoothie recipes they more help u stay asleep long that help get u to sleep but i have found they help a little
Before sleep do what i call shut down mode turn of the light if u have a tv in ur room watch a film or something that dosnt require ur mind to work too hard read a book or even listen to some soft music with a lavender candle burning ( rember to snuff it out before u get too sleeppy) ect just set aside half hour or so to switch off before trying to actually sleep.
Also take naps when u can during the day if u havnt had a good night it has been prove t u can get a better rest with cat naps than a decent nights sleep so when you son is napping u take a nap to or while his at school or out with friends what ever u may find cat naps easyer than a full nights sleep (everyone is diffrent )
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