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Re: Abuse for not looking stereotypically "disabled" - blue

Postby Zia2014 » Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:40 pm

I think it's about looking at the whole picture. For me it's "I have all these issues, so even if I can walk it has a major impact on me during/afterwards". My fibro is alongside knee problems (so mobility getting in and out is an issue), vertigo (so dizzyness) and the pain the fibro causes. And the guy that assessed me got that. It's all well and good thinking "well I can walk so I'm okay" but if that walking for a short period then leaves you almost unable to move and in pain, isn't the blue badge worth it? Anyway, just my tuppence worth :-D

I err have only used it twice!! :oops: But then I've had a flare up so not been out for a while. I used it in the hospital car park but it doesn't save me much walking. And I used it in the supermarket but felt really paranoid. However, there are some spaces in town I think I will use next time I go in as you get 3 hours free and it's much closer to the shops etc. Even the car parks for the shopping centres have a trek to the lift, so anything will help...
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Re: Abuse for not looking stereotypically "disabled" - blue

Postby TNK* » Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:09 pm

I used to feel guilty about using my badge and also parking in spaces, ive had the badge since 2005 so nearly 10 years now and im only going to be 44 in march so ive had plenty of practice with the funny looks and comments....but for me, yes I can walk and i dont look disabled, but every step for me is pain, just because i have mastered the art of walking round and not looking like im in agony doesnt mean i am pain free, every step aches and jolts all my joints, if i know i am going on a shopping trip i have to medicate myself well in advance to cope with the pain, and then i have to deal with the aftermath of pain after the trip.

So I still think my way of dealing with the funny looks and horrid comments is the best!
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