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pain clinic

PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 5:08 pm
by scottydog
Hi all

At last I have my appointment at the Persistent Pain Clinic! It's next
wednesday afternoon. I have waited so long for this. I hope it works! Two lots of good news within a week. The tide is turning!!


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:16 pm
by Brian
Out of interest what medication are you on just now? I'm currently waiting to go to the pain clinic

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:49 pm
by natmac73
Hi there...I had my first pain clinic appointment on Tuesday. ..They just wanted to know what I wanted from seeing them. ...They wanted to help me get more quality sleep they've put me on Baclofen a muscle relaxent and as well as Gabepentine I'm also on tramodol. .so watch this space. .and I see them again in a month to how I've got on...

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:22 pm
by dazzleship
more good news for you scottydog that's great :-) I hope the appointment goes well for you.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:03 pm
by becbob
Just out of interest, how long did it take for you to get an appointment. I had a form to fill in about my pain so I could see someone with regards to my fibro. It came last week and I sent it back but I was given no time frame.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 9:51 pm
by Fallen
Hi everyone, I was referred to the pain clinic by my rheumatology consultant In August. My GP has been chasing it up the past two months and still I'm waiting, I really need their help as I'm exhausted. I'm on so many tablets and thier side affects, my legs are solid from above my knee to my ankles and where that stops I have swelling in ankles and feet to the point I now have to wear size 4E shoes. All this happened in the last 12 months when my FM really kicked in.

Any advise on my solid legs and swollen ankles, very much appreciated. Thx F

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:53 pm
by migrembe
Fallen - you don't state what medication you are on, but the swelling is probably to do with that, i had it when i was on ibuprofen, gabapentin and also pregabalin.

Beverley x

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:01 am
by Roger Rabbit
I think it has to do with what county you live in, I live in West Sussex and had to wait a painfull 10 months and I am sad to say the appointment was not very helpful.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:19 am
by carolad
I have wondered how useful a Pain Clinic would be....people's experiences seems to be very mixed.

I asked my GP if I could be referred to a Pain Clinic after an NHS physio discharged me saying she could do nothing else to help me. This was for back pain, rather than fibromyalgia. But my GP was reluctant and said that he didn't think there was any need because he could try out different medications to see what worked for me. I know Pain Clinics deal with much more than just medication though, so I don't know why he was so reluctant to refer me...lack of funding I expect!

I hope you find it useful Scottydog :) x

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:50 am
by scottydog
Hi all thanks for your replies.

I am on Co codamol, Naproxen, Pregabalin, Amitriptyline, highest dose of Butrans patches and various others to combat side effects.

I also have a worn out shoulder which the NHS will not replace as I am too young!! The morphine patches are for that pain. I had a nerve block at a different sort of pain clinic. But it didn't work well and they said my GP should refer me to the persistent pain team. I had just been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome as well as Fibromyalgia so I think that was a factor in my referral.

I was referred 10 November and received my appointment today. I asked for hydrotherapy but was advised against it, by the physiotherapist, because it could stop my referral to the pain clinic. Mainly because as a patient you need to have exhausted all other help before being accepted by them. They treat you as a whole person and address any depression and anxiety as well as treatment options.

I am hoping to still have hydrotherapy as I can't see me doing graded aerobics, as recommended by the Rheumatologist, as I can hardly move now let alone get my heart racing!!!

I am not looking forward to the psychology side of the course but I have heard of other people finding it very helpful in living with Fibromyalgia.

It is very much the last option for me and I am clinging onto the hope that they will help me manage my pain and, hopefully, reduce the amount of medications I am currently taking.

Gentle hugs to you all.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:48 pm
by lynlyn1212
I have been to pain clinic for years. First they tried facet joint injections in spine (many!) And Epidural. None of which had any great effect. I am now on a cocktail of gabapentin, amitriptyline, citalopram and solpadol which mainly keep me going. I also did a pain management course for 10 weekly sessions which did help and I have a file of info to remind me of exercises and strategies to try.

The best thing for me has been chiropractic care. Unfortunately not on NHS so can be expensive. It has been a slow process as having Fibro means I need more treatments than most. Just been to see my chiropractor today and sounded like a box of rice crispies being trodden on (!) But I have much better movement after and am just able to relax a bit. Especially good today as have had a flare up for last two weeks and now feel human again. Definitely recommend it. :-)

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:55 pm
by Brian
I feel massages help a lot as well

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:00 pm
by scottydog
Hi all

I had my appointment with the pain clinic where I explained how depressed I have been and how I felt worthless since I lost my job and didn't know how I could carry on anymore. My husband came in with me and he was very supportive chipping in every now and then.

After an hour of talking I was asked if I would like to attend an 8 week course starting in March. This will need a lot of effort on my behalf but it aims to help me accept who I am now and how to deal with my pain. It sounds odd because you have to focus on the pain and learn to recognise when you need to rest and when you are well enough to go out. I didn't really understand what it is all about still I will know soon enough!

In the meantime I should try pacing again starting with just five minutes at a time then build on it. Also I have not been using my walker because I am too self conscious. I need to try and overcome that, not worry about what other people think, and use it. Mm that will be challenging!!

I will attend a meeting before the course starts which explains what is involved and what is expected of me.

I am shattered now!

Gentle hugs to you all x

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 4:43 pm
by Zia2014
Hi scottydog,

I was just wondering how you were getting on when I came back on the forum, it's good to hear you are starting the course. Have you been given support for your depression, eg. referral to a psychologist?

Mine starts in February so I will report back! We had a 'taster' session this week which sounds like the meeting you will have, they did a bit of an overview and it does sound like it will be really helpful, so I am looking forward to it. Mine is 10 sessions over 5 weeks and I am going to be shattered!!

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 8:03 pm
by scottydog
Hi Zia2014

Re psychologist, talk to change, I think it was called, was mentioned but I have not been referred to that yet. I have been feeling much more positive and am looking forward to the course. Your one sounds similar but more intensive. I don't think I would manage the course in five weeks because I would have worried about another flare.

I have been putting five minutes on a timer and trying to stick to that as my activity for the day ad that was what the Dr we saw suggested. I managed a little longer today which was hard because I felt really fatigued. I don't know if it's a hanghover from when i used to work as I always feel worse on a Saturday?

I have been using the walker which is definitely helping me to stay out a bit longer. I have had a few funny looks (I am 49 and when I go out I try and look smart) and have concentrated on moving around and ignored them. The Dr said if I need it I should use it and to not take any notice of other people's reactions. I managed to get used to the cane so should be able to do so with the walker! I love the fact that it has a seat! It comes in handy when I am in a queue or waiting for my hubby. He got distressed this week when I was in the lift (he used the stairs due to claustrophobia) and I didn't get out at the ground floor as he expected. I had accidentally got off the wrong floor and had to wait for it to come back again. Once he had calmed down he said it was like a bad magic trick. Bless him!!!

Good luck for your course. If you could post as to what is expected of the attendee I would appreciate it.

Gentle hugs x