Shoulder/arm pain

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Re: Shoulder/arm pain

Postby Gilly52 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:07 pm

Got to see GP today with my X ray results, said my back of my neck showing some signs of wear and tear, as it happened he had a physio sitting in with him today, he gave her a copy of the X ray, and neither of them were forthcoming with any advice on the pain I am suffering...except the usual of more painkillers.....which I don't want really as it is only masking the problem, I know it is certainly different from my usual fibro pain....sleep is hard with it, as it is worst lying just snatching an hour of sleep here and there in a sitting position through the night.

However when I got home.....I thought....try to think positive....if only for a short while :-) So I rang the local oeso path, I had some treatments with him years ago, pre fibro days !! So after a long chat he feels he can do something to help. He's just got back from holiday, so first appointment he could offer is in 10 days fingers crossed he can bring some relief from this ongoing pain which is dragging me down.....I suppose it's all a sign of the times.....the NHS are not always there for to get anything sorted you have to do yourself. :(

Take care everyone....hope you are all as well so you can be at the moment.
The snowdrops in my garden bring a smile, hopefully spring is around the corner :-D

Gilly x
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Re: Shoulder/arm pain

Postby dazzleship » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:27 pm

Hi Gilly

Sorry to hear you have this problem in your shoulders, but it's good that at least you know what is causing the pain now.

Good luck with the osteopath, I hope you get some help from that.

And yes, it does seem like spring is on the way doesn't it? Lighter mornings, etc. We noticed some bulbs coming up in our garden yesterday but they're just leaves yet so I don't know what they'll be :-)
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Re: Shoulder/arm pain

Postby carolad » Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:51 pm

Gilly52 wrote:

I suppose it's all a sign of the times.....the NHS are not always there for to get anything sorted you have to do yourself. :(

Unfortunately this is true....which is why I bypass my GP completely and go straight to my physio with any problems I have :-) NHS physios are a waste of time, you really need to get a good private physio (or osteopath :-)) who will treat your whole body, not just the bit that is giving you pain. NHS physios are too narrow in their focus - they only look at one problem area, without understanding how the whole body is affected.

Good luck with your osteopath, I'm sure he will be able to help :-)
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