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Postby jayanne1311 » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:36 pm

I was out with my daughter this week,just a gentle walk round town.In 1 shop I had to climb a steep but short flight of stairs. Once I had come back down I was overwhelmed by a feeling of tiredness so bad that I had to ask her to take me home. I had a rest and fell asleep for about an hour . I s this the fatigue everyone talks about or something different? Whatever it was, it was horrible. It makes me feel anxious about going anywhere on my own. Comments please.
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Re: Fatigue

Postby Gingermama » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:03 am

Well I don't know about everyone else but this is me pretty much everyday! Once I've stopped that's it I'm done! I'm usually ok while I'm still going then as soon as I stop it hits me like a tonne of bricks and I have to sleep! Went out with my family today then in the car home I flaked! It's horrible!
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Re: Fatigue

Postby fuzzyhead130 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:29 am

Sorry your shopping trip was ruined,unfortunately this sounds like jolly old fibro. However,many of us have got crafty in our approach.
First plan ,where are you going and make a short list .maybe on 3 shops for what your wanting,nearest cafe for sit down to evaluate energy levels and recoup.
Choose your days weekend shopping for fibro folk isn't good,make it a week day if possible.
Never go alone,you need support.
Last couple of times I have discovered the wonders of Shopmobility,for a small donation you can borrow a scooter and your whole world will be open again.
Please try not to feel down,life hasn't stopped we just have to rethink our way around a problem ,be abit more open to alternatives,oh and of course,the wonder of internet shopping,let some other poor person wear out their feet for you.
I have a lovely pic of a dear friend and I in Manchester both on scooters Christmas shopping laughing all the way .xxxxxx
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Re: Fatigue

Postby Charmed » Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:22 pm

Please try not to worry, you may not go through this every day, although a lot of us do like Gingermamma said it is horrible. For me I feel like I've wasted a good part of my day, sleeping. But it's a new way of life, our bodies have changed and we need to rest/sleep. :sleep:

As Fuzzyhead says, we need to plan. That is extremely important, although sometimes I forget to plan (fibro-fog) and my day goes to pot. :roll: I agree Shopmobility is fantastic for less pain and more comfort when going round shopping centres.

I love my scooter and the independence (to a certain extent) it gives me. A certain extent, because I never venture out alone. It is quite difficult to cross certain roads due to all the parked cars, I'm sitting so low I can't see clearly. Today I went down to Iceland on my scooter. The distance is about 5 bus stops away, so limited pain as no walking. The second I got home, I went to bed and slept for 3 hours! I think it was just a mixture of the sheer concentration of, getting up and down un-lowered kerbs and unhelpful 'able bodied people' getting in my way. But I was out of the house and in the sunshine :-D :-D :-D

Oh and yes Fuzzyhead, definitely no :nono: :nono: :nono: weekend shopping lol!
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Re: Fatigue

Postby dazzleship » Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:33 pm

Yeah that's pretty much what the fatigue is like I'm afraid. :hugs:

Although admittedly it doesn't always make me feel sleepy - sometimes it does and I absolutely hate that cos I detest sleeping during the daytime, it's a pet hate of mine.

But sometimes the fatigue doesn't make me sleepy, rather it makes me just simply unable to move. At times like that I just flop on the settee like a melted thing, no energy to hold myself up or lift my arms or anything.

The solution? Well I don't know if it's a solution per se, but since I got my wheelchair I've found it has helped tremendously with fatigue. Whereas I wouldn't be able to go around a supermarket or to the shops, or any sort of day out, if I had to walk (even with my crutches), the wheelchair allows me to conserve my energy so that I can actually enjoy being out and not suffer for it when I get back or the following day.

Of course the issue with the wheelchair is pushing it - I can manage a few pushes at a time but then either my arms get tired or my shoulders get sore and slightly out of joint. Thankfully I have hubby who is more than happy to push me, but I appreciate not everyone is lucky in that respect.
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Re: Fatigue

Postby debs67 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 10:41 pm

Everyday im like this. I get tired so easy , i never use to be like this. Havent got no energy , feeling completely drained. If i try to do some housework i dont seem to get very far. All i want to do is sleep , sleep and more sleep zzzzzz :sleep:
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