Strange Fibro Symptoms

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Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby Ange12 » Fri Mar 20, 2015 8:39 pm

Hi everyone, I am in the final process of having fibromylgia diagnosed after nearly 3 years of investigation.

Recently I have noticed that every so often I get a feeling that my body wants to jerk like what I would imagine a fit to be like. I do not have a fit but the feeling is horrible and it feels like every nerve is my body is rushing at a fast pace. It can be very frightening.

Its not like a panic attack, has anyone else experienced this ? I am going to doctors next week to discuss this as I feel it cannot wait until my rheumo apt in May. I did have a lumber puncture in July last year as I had lesions on the brain but MS was ruled out and wonder if this may have triggered something as I was very unwell after the lumber puncture which took about a month of rest before I was back up on my feet!!! I also experience episodes of what feels like numbness through my whole body and I feel like I am going to pass out. It doesn't last very long though!!!

Thank you!

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Re: Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby AliCat » Fri Mar 20, 2015 9:18 pm

These jerks that you describe are really common in fibro. It's like you body has a mind of it's own. Mine are worse at night. But something that really helps is a daily dose of magnesium taken in the evening. At least 300mg of good quality supplement is needed and will help with all sorts of symptoms, not just the jerking. :-)
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Re: Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby Polaris » Sat Mar 21, 2015 8:17 am

Back in 1997 I experienced all the symptoms of a panic attack, that wasn't a panic attack. Fortunately for me I realised that there was absolutely no stimuli to trigger an attack and I've never had a panic attack. In fact, historically I'm known by most people to be calm in a crisis.

Basically my fight or flight response had been switched on and my body was flushed with adrenalin. After a while the symptoms subsided and I started to look for answers and the condition that fitted the symptoms most closely was Fibromyalgia. With my research findings I took myself off to see my GP and asked her if I might have the condition? Her reply came as a surprise as she informed me she had seen something in a letter from a Neurologist I had seen some time earlier which suggested the possibility of Fibromyalgia. I then went to see an entire hoard of consultants, 2 Rheumatologists, another Neurologist, a Neuro Surgeon and an Orthopedist and each one in turn confirmed the diagnosis.

If you have any symptom that is strange or unusual it's probably due to Fibromyalgia and strange twitches and jerks will happen.
The problem is that symptoms of other illnesses or conditions can be masked by the Fibromyalgia which creates a significant risk. This is why when ever you experience something new you should always check it out.

The most worrying for me were an episode when my chest went in to spasm as I sat down in my car after walking my dogs (many years ago). This could have been an heart attack but was Fibromyalgia playing tricks on my body. More recently strange visual disturbances and a couple of short episodes where I lost my vision for a short time had me packed off to see another Neurologist and Cardiologist and every test under the Sun (MRI,Cardio, Tilt Table and scans etc). The only symptoms they found were all related to Fibromyalgia and primarily
Orthostatic (postural) hypotension which in Fibromyalgia can make you feel light-headed or faint and you should always get up and sit down slowly.

As for the numbness, my morning stiffness (mymeans I can't move my arms or hands at all when I wake up in the mornings and more often than not I'm woken repeatedly during the night by pain in my arms (as well as other areas). Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by Myofascial pain syndrome and the neck and shoulder pain is a frequent trigger for my migraines. :yikes:
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Re: Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby Unakite » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:16 am

For me helped to:
1) adjust the mix/dosis of my meds
2) stay clear of artifical sweeteners
3) figure out what are other triggers (f.e. food additives)
Noticed much strange sensations like that when I took Seroxat, so I first linked that to Seroxat as at that time I did not know I have Fibro, just knowing I simply feel not well. They could be a feeling of uneasy waves trough the whole body ( a bit like restleg legs) a light twitching or up to jerk actual (but not much) f.e. my foot or shoulder. They were worser at night (add to that restleg legs...what did I "bicicle" in my bed :roll: ).
As there were some more sideeffects my dose of Seroxat was reduced and the strange sensations became lesser, but were still there (and annoing, especialy at night)
Adding Amytripline brought them back stronger (inclusive the other sideefect of Seroxat I had before + the sideefects of Amytripiline itself :cry: ). Put in that mix a good dose of daily used artifical sweeteners like aspartame and ... :yikes:
The first relive came when I stopped Amytriptiline, but the real change (not just for twitch/jerk but in generaly feeling better) came when I stopped to use artifical sweetners :-D
By and by I also try now to figure out what are other triggers (also for Fibro in generaly) and found out f.e. when eating a good portion of sugary things or packed soup after a time of staying clear of them I tend (beside instant itchy skin & co) to get feeling more strange sensations and restless legs, but not so much as that I would actualy jerk my foot or shoulder.
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Re: Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby bouncy » Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:04 pm

I get this. The doctor prescribed baclofen which is helping. I have also cut out all processed food including sugars which has reduced my inflammation in general.
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Re: Strange Fibro Symptoms

Postby Saffie » Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:14 pm

I had a breakdown 4 years ago due to a prolonged period of stress (4years) which I believe was the eventual cause of my fm; I was diagnosed with fm 2years ago. During this 4year period, I had been experiencing not only the symptoms of fm (as it was eventually diagnosed) but cluster headaches and tremors all over my body. I was on medication for the headaches but my doctor could not explain the tremors as they were not always visible. Then when I had my breakdown my doctor claimed that the tremors were just "fall out" from the breakdown and they would get better and, I suppose, just dismissed it as irrelevant.

The tremors were quite bad as I was having them everyday and sometimes they felt quite violent and I thought I was going to fall over but I did not know whether it was going to be a mental or physical fall and that frightened me. The tremors, when they were visible, appeared as shakes but certainly not as violent as they felt inside. They made me feel sick and lightheaded, then I would get very hot and had to rush out for air. When I spoke to the doctor it was still put down to "fall out" from the breakdown.

Four years on, and now diagnosed with fm, the tremors are not quite so frequent; maybe that is mostly due to the fact that I left work earlier than I had anticipated. However, when I do get the tremors they vary in severity but the doctor still dismisses them as they are not so frequent so they can't be so much of an issue now.

More recently, I have had a bad couple of weeks with pain all over my body, flash migraines, which sometimes affect my sight, and the fatigue in chronic mode. The tremors are back and I feel that everything I am doing is soooo slow because I am very jerky; but I really do not have the energy or will to go and see my doctor.

This may not have helped you in finding a solution to these symptoms but I hope it helps you to know that you are understood and not alone.

I so hope things get better for you soon,
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