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Postby Butterfly8588 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:09 am

Hi everyone,
I take 30mg of codeine and 500mg of naproxen when the pain is more then I can handle. That's not very often, less then once a week on average. Usually it takes the edge off the pain so I can manage it. Thing is, last time I took it it made me feel unwell, I felt dizzy and really really sick for a good many hours. I put it down to a one off and thought no more.
Then tonight I've had to take some more codeine and the exact same thing has happened! I really don't understand why this would be happening because I've taken this combination sporadically for maybe 2 years or so now with no problems.
Has this happened to anyone else? Or do you have any theories as to why this might be?

I hope you're all sleeping better then I am! Xx
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Re: Codeine

Postby trainer997 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 11:40 am

Hi Butterfly,

I can't answer your problem with the codeine, but I just wondered if you had tried high strength vitamin B12. I read an article about people with FM being low on it and it helps with muscle and central nervous system problems, so I tried it for a month and I definitely had less pain. Just in case it was a coincidence I stopped taking it for 2 weeks and the pains were back just as bad, so I have started taking it again and its seems easier after just a few days. If you need any more info about it just let me know.
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Re: Codeine

Postby rubes » Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:34 pm

Cannot take Naproxen, was good for the pain but I am asthmatic and it brought on an attack, scared the life out of me.
Read labels that come with medication and any problems ring your Pharmacist and also consult your doctor, I should never have been prescribed Naproxen I have Asthma.
Hope all goes well for you because the side effects of Naproxen are phenominal.
Codeine I take for pain and ir works to a degree but is best taken on a full stomach.
Good Luck x
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Re: Codeine

Postby aziriphale » Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:35 pm


I've had the same problem after years of taking codine, i found myself in the last year getting dizzy and feeling sick on it

I don't know why but it happebed but have been switched to tramadol now
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Re: Codeine

Postby ixel-chick » Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:07 pm

Is it the mixture of the codine and the naproxen? Or do you get the same with you only take the codine and no naproxen?

Both of these are strong and both have a myriad of side effects, so clearly together there will be more of a chance of getting any of those side effects. :-D

I don't have much excperience with either of them, as I got problems with both. Codine used to give me headaches and slight tummy ache, so it's nothing I've ever taken much of (been years since last time, and never tried it after developing fibro). Naproxen gave my horrible stomach cramps, so this one I've only tried once, and again it wasn't for fibro.

A pain killer I am good with is Paramol, for some reason this one won't upset my tum (paracetamol by themselves do that). And yes, these I have taken whilst I had fibro pain, although I didn't take them for the fibro. Took them for ovulation pain, and they do help for that, but I noticed no difference in the fibro pain.

What used to be an amazing painkiller was Feminax - this thing would kill off any pain (used to contain paracetamol, codine, hyoscine hydrobromide and caffine)... or maybe it just used to make people not care about the pain anymore. :lol: But they changed their formula quite a few years ago, so don't get your hopes up on this one. Now it's no better than any other over-the-counter medication (and look at the boxes to read before buying - you're basically just paying for the brand! Generally you will find generic meds right next to it, that has the same acting medication in it, for a fraction of the price).
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