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Re: Fitbit sleep tracker

Postby Gilly52 » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:34 pm

Hello Carolad

Thanks very much for your reply, very helpful and informative, I know we can read reviews from different people on the net....but there is nothing like "hearing it from the horse's mouth", if you have shares in the company.....I hope they are doing better than what Tesco announced today lol :-D

Like yourself, over time I have all sorts of things running through my mind as to why the fatigue is so bad, I know none of us like pain...but the fatigue is sometimes more difficult to deal with.
I do believe that getting restorative sleep is important....and without it, functioning the next day is not easy.

Interesting that you can also clock up your number of steps in a day, I get to town and back a couple of times a week, admittedly it's not far, but I have to take it at my own pace.....a bad day, then it can feel I am walking through treacle, my legs feel so heavy.
We live in a 3 storey Victorian I get plenty of exercise on the stairs, ....but if fibro fog sets in, I get to the top, forget what I was going to get....I am not well pleased then !

It is good to,hear you are feeling positive about it.....I think that comes" when we feel we are working to solve our own problems, but it sounds fascinating that you actually read the results...with facts and figures in front of you.

Keep up the good work, it's my birthday soon, reckon i could add Fitbit to my wish list :-D
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