Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

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Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

Postby Lisalou » Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:57 am

Hi guys, so for the past few weeks I've had savage pain in my lower arms and hands. It wakes me up around 4-5 am every morning. I have a burning numbness in my three middle figures that really hurts.

I'm now losing the will to live with it. The g.p has said it's just a fibro flare up. I'm worried that it's something more sinister. If it is fibro then I suppose I had better just try and find a way of dealing with it.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had it.

Thanks guys.
Lisa xx

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Re: Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

Postby lizashfield » Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:25 am

Some of it is probably fibro related but it could also be carpal tunnel syndrome. They can do conduction tests to see if it is that and there are various treatments available.

I had the numbness and pins and needles in my hands and arm and my left arm used to wake me up during the night. I've had the operation to release the carpal tunnel nerve and it has helped with some of the pain.
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Re: Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

Postby TheHud » Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:12 pm

Agree, most is probably Fm. I have had carpul tunnel on and off ever since second child was born, also have inflammatory arthritis. The big difference for me was the realisation that the horrendous pain I suffer, is not felt to that extent by other non fibro sufferers. Things are significantly worse and fire off the fibro. It has taken me my whole life trying to not wimp out all the time, hiding the pain because I just thought it was me ;)

My left arm is pretty useless and my right hand is constantly solid, all fingers have the tingles and after stillness of any kind go numb and kick off as does my neck and between my shoulder blades.

Have the tests, I have wrist supports for when the pain is really bad and I splint fingers sometimes when the IA is active to prevent too much damage. Spasms in upper/lower arm can be helped by tube supports, pref ones that tighten when on, my fingers stuggle and i can't actually move to my upper arms without painful spasms, best if someone puts them on for you, but they do help. If you can stand the feeling of something tight on you, just have to keep saying 'it is helping me' lol

If you want to find out if it is CT not all fibro you can buy inexpensive wrist and hand supports online. My fav is the stiffened type that allows me to adjust the thumb position for support, sports injury ones. The repetitive strain ones that the NHS favours do not work.

Good luck
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Re: Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

Postby HayleyJayne » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:11 pm

i have thankfully been diagnosed with fm after suffering for nearly 14 years. my fm started in my hands and feet also my shoulder blades. The burning pins and needles topped with the numbness is very unforgiving and no matter what pain killers so far i have tried Nothing really works, i am now on 3x 300mg gabapentin 1 naproxen 3 times a day and on less energetic days does take the ''edge''away but im also feeling like im not in control of my condition.
All i can say is dont let it get the better of you, If 1 medication dosent seem to work dont be scared to ask for another, not everyone react to the same drugs the same way. Its gonna be trial and error :)
Rest regularly and stretching and bending affected areas does stop it from seizing up so to speak a menthol bath with a dash of lavender is beautiful and helps body and mind to relax at the end of a stressful day.
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Re: Numb/burning/pins and nedles in hands

Postby leeanne » Sat Jun 06, 2015 8:10 pm

Im so sorry to hear your in so much pain.
I was told it was fibro live with it, three years later im finally haveing my shoulders operated on.
They found the opening for the muscle to fit through had closed and I have partial tears and a full thickness tear which there going to try and put bback together. It hasnt stopped the pain but by gum its improved it emensley and now the pins n numbness plus the pain is just fibro related not extra problems. My surgeon is also refering me to the rhymatoligist to check some other bits so keep fighting if your not getting any joy keep going keep seeing them I spent a couple of years being treated like trash that its all in my head and then I broke down in the doctors room and he got me tons of help. You have to keep yelling huni till they listen and take you seriously good luck xxx
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