Pain flare, meds not really working.

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Pain flare, meds not really working.

Postby MPSGuy » Sat Jun 13, 2015 10:46 am

Last few weeks have not been great but the 2/3 days have been pretty bad. Feet, knees, hands, hips and shoulders are all sore. Hands and feet are probably the worst symptom - red, stiff and just uncomfortable, they feel really 'hot' all the time.

I'm totally fed up with it. The pain is so bad it is hard to concentrate on anything. My whole body feels stiff and there is loud clicking, crunching, popping and snapping when I move about. :evil:

Taking paracetamol + codeine for pain. Have a medication to relax the muscles as well. Can't really tolerate ibuprofen on my stomach and I've tried amitriptyline and similar meds in the past with no luck.
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Re: Pain flare, meds not really working.

Postby Garyl » Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:08 pm

MPSGuy have every sympathy i do suggest you ask your Doctor if you can try Dihdrocodine i take 2 tablets along with 2 500 mg of paracetomaol at night before bed i find this helps with my hands
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Re: Pain flare, meds not really working.

Postby iblinkin » Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:53 pm

Hi MPSGuy, i know the feeling quite well in regards to what you are dealing with and if i may suggest you get your PH levels checked because we fibro warrirors have a tendency to not regulate our uric acid and it builds ups and causes these problems.

You should be able to purchase ph paper from your local drug store and there will be a chart with it to show you where your levels are and you take a piece and you have to pee on it, then refer to the chart on the container.

Look up foods that contains purines which causes our uric acid levels to rise and cause these problems and there are many foods with purines.

Also look up foods that cause inflamation in our bodies, ie tomatoes, pimentoes, potatoes and yes these are some of my favorite foods but not if they are hurting me!

Also there foods that can reduce the uric acid levels naturally and include slamon, black cherries and probiotic yogurt and so on which i eat everyday and it does help, including and especially stomach problems, ie IBS. Look it up online.

I do find it interesting that my uric acid levels drop to normal after drinking Guinness and alcohol is suppose to be a no, no for uric acid.. hmm.. we are screwed up aren't we! lol, at least i know i am. ;-)

I myself have gone mostly natural and only use my pain meds when super necessary. We cannot listen to our bodies if we are all drugged up right? Natural is your best friend!

I hope this helps and please pass this info on so others can benefit from it. :-)
Gentle hugs and it can and will get better. Cheers!
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