Traveling with FM

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Traveling with FM

Postby Tessa2373 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:22 am

Hi I have been suffering with fibromyalgia (along with other muscular-skeletal issues) for over a year. I have not really got it under any kind of control properly and take lots of meds to help me function. I work for days a week and have two kids so don't sit about all day but find im usually in bed by 8pm due to the pain and exhaustion. In a few weeks I will be travelling to Turkey for a wonderful holiday but I am very anxious about how all the travelling is going to affect me. It is bad enough when I have to travel to Exeter each day (2 per week for work) and I have to make sure each journey is well separated from the next. We have about 10 hours travelling in total from home to holiday resort. Does anyone know what I can do to help make it any easier. I am desparate to enjoy the holiday and am hoping the sun and warmth will help me? I already take gabapentine co-codomol tramodol and magnesium xx thanks
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Re: Traveling with FM

Postby Garyl » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:07 am

I travel 6 hours on a train both ways and do it on my own .i make sure i have my meds with me and make sure i am up to date with dosage, i relax on the journey best i can and have a little walk up carriage every so often.

I do book in advance and get travel assistance from train company every step of the way on and off trains and with luggage, if you have your medication and just relax you should be ok, enjoy your holiday when you get there.

Is not to hard traveling distance long as you have and take medication and more importantly try and relax, i have flown to switzerland and coped with my fibro so i am sure you will for journey
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Re: Traveling with FM

Postby TheHud » Wed Jun 24, 2015 9:48 am

I find staying still very painful and for all sorts of medical reasons need to fidget about, which everyone should anyway on long journeys. I take 75mg aspirin per day and it is recommended for anyone going on a plane journey more than a couple of hours, in the build up to your journey. Also most people on here find that ibruprofen works better than opoids for fibro, if you look at the statistics this makes sense.

However, because I am usually way beyond exhausted for any journey, I sleep most the car on and off and a good chunk of plane, especially if I have codeine'd and everything else'd up ready lol Take eye mask and ear plugs, comfy coat to make a pillow and a light shawl/pashmina as a cover up.

You should have a word with your doc and get sorted. One note though, you say co-codamol and tramadol. These are both opoid based and generally it is not recommended that they be taken at the same time, but you probably know this. I have codiene separate so I can juggle paracetamol, codeine, ibruprofen to keep continuous cover and back up for a sleep time.

On the plane, if you can manage it, get the extra leg room it makes one heck of a difference. Children can't sit with you in these seats as they are emergency exits. You can't be disabled (we are not what is commonly described as disabled in most cases) either so I prefer to have these seats rather than draw attention to myself and anyway have hubby to do cases etc. In an emergency I would still have no problem opening that door, adrenaline will flowing.

Hope you have a wonderful time, float in the pool, don't over do the sight seeing. I always take a memory foam pad with me, can't cope with the beds and sunbeds, even some chairs. I have a nice white cover on it and if its a posh place get them to position it under the sheet. If its a villa then even better I just move it around with me. Proper memory foam is not cheap but makes a difference. It flattens really well into a decent sized case, stops that hip, back and rib pain getting out of hand. Mine is about 18 inches by 24, I am a very short person so this covers the area hip to under shoulder, shoulder then fits into the groove between bed and pillow. Keep an eye on weight allowance.

PS ask to go onto pregablin/lyrica, fewer side effects and it is absorbed 90% plus it works fast less than one hour. gabapentin takes 3-4 hours officially and can't be used as an emergency. I use my pregab for emergencies and unusual situations when the fibro really kicks off.

You are probably doing this already but keep an eye on this site, plus contact regarding taking medications because opoid based drugs are banned in turkey, cyprus and a few others so make sure you are following the rules regarding this medication. :)
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Re: Traveling with FM

Postby scoke » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:22 pm

Thehud has said almost everything I was going to say....I try not to sit long stretches in the airport as I know I'll soon have to sit quite a while once on the plane until after take-off. I try to avoid queues getting on too - either sit close to the desk so I can get on early or, better to be on later anyway, wander around until near the end of boarding as standing in a queue can become very painful, especially in a walkway leading to the plane where it can get really hot. I've been travelling alone for 6 -7 hour flights only the last few years and find it makes it easier to do what suits me best, I just get an aisle seat. Seats at the front are brilliant but some airlines charge more and sometimes they're very difficult to get but I spend a lot of time standing and walking - whenever anyone in my seat area gets out I go for a walk or a stretch, I take water on board with me and ask for a hot drink during the flight. I also have a memory foam portion I carry with me and a small pillow for my knees if space allows it in the baggage. I used to have a memory foam cushion for sitting but it was bulky and tended to make me numb after a while. Don't worry about the journey before you go or while you're there - the warmer weather will certainly do you good! Enjoy yourself!
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Re: Traveling with FM

Postby whoami » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:00 pm

Things I do for travelling

First and most important, get a letter from Dr explaining med and keep med in original prescription bottle.some countries like an explanation to narcotics.

I wear comfortable clothes, in fact I have changed on the plane into a track suit for the flight and change back just before landing.
Slip on shoes are a must for me, especially at airports where security have you remove shoes.

Make sure you are hydrated either travelling in a car or plane. Dehydration can lead to cramps in the legs.

I travel light by not packing toiletries. I buy them when I arrive. It is nice to try something different also. I do put a small shampoo, soap, etc. the ones you get in hotels in my carry on in case of emerg. Also I pack easy clothes, things that I can get into one bag.

Take any help offered by the airline, hotel etc. Don't be afraid to ask either.

I travel quite a lot and sometimes 13 hour flights, or 15 hrs in a car. The thing is relax, take your time, respect your body and enjoy!

Expect the worst in life you won't be disapointed and you'll be prepared!
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Re: Traveling with FM

Postby Tessa2373 » Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:26 am

Thank you so much for your replies and advice. Yes getting letter from doctor about meds to take with me and unfortunately I can't take ibuprofen. I don't take codeine and tramodol together but space them out over day and night as tramodol is most effective for fibro pain and the codeine for my other problems. Gabapentine is taken regularly everyday so is always on my system because of severe nerve damage due to other injuries. Used to take amytripine but had to switch to gabapentine. Will look into foam thing as I am very worried about the bed over there and being able to get comfortable. I don't sleep much already and that's in my special bed at home. Already got extra leg room seat booked on flight and have booked airport assistance both ends for outward and return journeys. Am hoping it will help. I drive 70 miles twice a week for work and that wipes me out so I'm just worried about the effects of the travelling on my actual symptoms. I seem to have it quite bad and the fibro really reacts badly to things. Had an op this week with a general anaesthetic and it has really flared my symptoms up badly. I am looking forward to my holiday and am hoping the heat and relaxation will help. Thanks again for the replies and advice xx
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