This sucks!!!

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This sucks!!!

Postby katherine244 » Sun Jul 05, 2015 1:49 pm

Have a few days off for my partners birthday and I'm trying so hard on the first day to do what he wants to do that I make myself feel crap for the second day. And I feel so guilty about it. He's so patient and understanding that I feel even more guilty and wonder when the patience will run out! This thing sucks.
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Re: This sucks!!!

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Jul 05, 2015 2:26 pm

Don't try so hard, or the situation you find yourself in will love it all, and nag and gnaw at you more and more and more. Instead, you really need to go with what you are able to do and manage. Try and put those thoughts and worries about patience with you running out into a box, fasten it up securely with chains, padlocks, and barbed wire, and shove it right to the back of your mind, making sure you pile plenty of other stuff on top of it so that there is absolutely no chance of them escaping, for the next few days at most.

With you struggling on and doing what you think/feel you should be doing rather than what you can manage with, altho you will be able to cover it up for a while, it will ultimately come back and bite you on the :girl_moon: :girl_moon: :girl_moon: Do some bits of what he likes to do, but for shorter periods of time, mixed in with some of the things you know you need to do, as well as manage to help keep you going without hopefully taking too much out of you. With the patience and understanding you say he has, if you were to ask him about this, I'm fairly sure his answer would include something along the lines of doing a little of what he wants and like, along with plenty of what you can manage so that you have the best time together. Quality over quantity ~ A little bit of something pleasurable is always much more enjoyable than doing a lot of something that leaved you feeling :bricks: :bricks: :bricks:
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