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Postby snoopy36 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:47 pm

Hi everyone... 31 yr old female here and so drained I thought I would ask for some advise.i Have Had Anexity My Whole Life But I Would Say For The Last 5 YRS I Have Been In Complete controle Of It. Until July last yr I was planning my wedding and moving house and got extremely stressed. I was on my hen do and fell over and hurt my back and had a Mri and was told I have a bulging disc but no nerve compression. In august I developed really bad skin sensatvivity to the point where my bed sheets hurt and clothes it comes up in patched and moves around my legs and arms. Then I started having pain in my legs and cramping sensations in my calfs which are staring to get slightly better but now it has moved into my arms they hurt so bad. My skin sensatvivity now flares up when I'm on my period and eases when it's over. I have now got a buzzing sensation in my big toe when I walk and a strange sensation in my middle finger which feels heavy it comes and goes all day if that makes sense. Which makes me wonder what is going on with me. I mentioned fibro to my gp she said that its only something we look into if everything else is ruled out. My friend who is a nurse said she dosnt agree and she thinks I should have a second opinion. I have about 14 of the sensative points on my body some hurt so bad just on a light touch. So I supose what I'm asking is for those if u diagnosed with fibro dose this sound like it's a posability to whats going on with me? I don't know how to aproach the Dr about it as it seems like they just don't seem to listen. Thank you xx
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Re: fibro??

Postby Icarus » Tue Jul 07, 2015 5:01 pm

Hi snoopy
I've replied to this on your other thread :)

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