Flare up or something else?

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Flare up or something else?

Postby bouncer0304 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:27 pm

For the last four weeks, i've been having pains in my arms, shoulders and in between my shoulder blades. The pains in my arms feel like someone has yanked on them and pulled them too hard, overstretching if you like then. I also get certain areas of pain rather than all over pain if that makes sense, like stabbing pains which stay for a bit and then go. It also feels like i've been punched in between my shoulders too. On occasions i get like a tingling sensation but not very often.
I will admit i do play video games for a little bit at a time to take my mind off the Fibro (can't sit too long so gone are the days of long sessions) as well as type and what not on my tablet (again not all the time just when i check a few things amd not for too long either) however, the pain mostly seems to be after i do any activity rather than when i do it. The one thing i found helps is swimming. After i went the other day, i had very little pain for about three days then bang it came back. I wonder why it helped so much when hydrotherapy made things worse? It just seems odd that would help so much where other things have failed to help.
I feel i should know myself by now as i was diagnosed two years ago, however, this has been the longest it has lasted so does this sound like a flare up or could it be something else? The last time i had something like this it lasted a little while and then left with no problems. This time it seems to be lingering and it concerns me. Can't seen to pin point anything which could have indicated that i've overdone it. Is it really true these flare ups can feel like RSI pains?
I feel frustrated because i should know by now but it seems that at times like this i really have no idea and still as clueless.
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Re: Flare up or something else?

Postby Beckybecks » Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:10 pm

I fnd that my symptoms during a flare up can often be different from the previous one. It seems to depend on what brought it on. If I did something too strenuous I will experience a lot of pain. I also get a lot of pan in my arms and shoulders, but in an instant the pain can disappear and then reappear in my legs, back or jaw. If my flare up is due to stress or lack of sleep then I get that flu-ish feeling which doesn't last very long.
My flare ups don't normally last longer than a week to ten days except when I took on a job that was physically too strenuous for me earlier this year. Then I had a flare-up that lasted for well over a month with the pain you mentioned. As though I had been working out in a gym or something. Over using my muscles. I also had pins and needles in my hands and feet
Maybe you overdid it at work or with some sort of housework?
I deal with my flare ups by doing light exercise like walking and I get plenty of rest, but don't sit for too long as this seems to make it worse.
And yes, doing something to keep your mind off it always helps too.
Don't feel frustrated. I think it's different for everyone and for me it's also different every time so I never know what to expect or how much I can push my body without expecting bad results.
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Re: Flare up or something else?

Postby Queenie_70 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:06 am

I feel i should know myself by now as i was diagnosed two years ago

bouncer0304....I have had fibro "officially" for 10 years and I still cannot predict what will and won't work for me on any given day. Do not feel like you should have this all figured out, because from what I can tell from this site and the stories that members have written, it is an on-going journey of discovery.

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