Accupuncture caused flare - need help!

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Accupuncture caused flare - need help!

Postby soretro » Mon Aug 03, 2015 12:03 pm

Hello :-)
I had accupuncture treatment recently at my hospital's pain clinic. I had 7 needles placed at various tender points all along my nose. I winced when the needles were being placed as it was truly painful, but the acupuncturist said the most tender points would help to relieve pain in the groin area. I have had acupuncture before, never any bad results, so decided to trust the acupuncturist with this new approach.
Since the treatment my nose, eye socket area, forehead, eyes and upper lip area have been in 24/7 pain. Also it feels like my sinuses have been triggered with sinus pain (eyes/eye sockets).
This was my last treatment with the pain clinic acupuncturist and she is on leave.
It has been almost 3 days since her treatment and the pain has not subsided.
Has anyone ever dealt with a scenario like this before?
I have been to my GP this morning and she has told me to contact the pain clinic. The pain clinic say the acupuncturist is on holiday.
My big fear is that with FM as an underlying condition, that this pain from the acupuncture treatment will become irreversible.
I am so upset and can't belive that I walked into my appointment on Friday with no facial pain issue, only to walk out with horrible 24/7 pain. I wish that I had never gone to the appointment!!
Any advise please, I'm feeling quite miserable and helpless about this. I just can't deal with more unnecessary pain :-(
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Re: Accupuncture caused flare - need help!

Postby jacson » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:06 pm

Hello soreto,
So sorry to hear of your bad experience, I had a similar reaction to accupuncture last year, pins inserted in my neck and shoulders and down my spine, the accupuncturist told me I would probably know about it next day, but my was he wrong, I had a massive flare up from head to toe which lasted best part of a week! And I paid £40 for the treatment! Never again will I try this therapy, I ended up in bed with heat pad for days.
I really hope your flare will subside quickly for you, in much sympathy, Jacson.
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Re: Accupuncture caused flare - need help!

Postby soretro » Mon Aug 03, 2015 1:38 pm

Thanks Jacson,
sorry to hear you had such a substantial flare last year - it must have been worrying when you were going through it! It passed though, right?
Sometimes I think medical practitioners must 'wing it' a little, not being really super careful about conditions where pain sensitization is an issue.
I feel angry with myself that I allowed someone in a hospital pain clinic to do this to me - but then, one has to impart some level of trust to wards medical practitioners to allow for/enable any treatment. & up till that point I'd never had bad treatment from accupuncture before. I don't feel I have the energy to constantly be on the lookout for practitioners doing the right/wrong thing, to learn about someone's speciality or treatments to be able to keep 'tabs' on them upfront. I really hope this settles. I'm due to go on a pre-booked holiday in a week's time - couldn't be worse timing!
Thanks for your kind words :-)
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