Pain clinic and new friends

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Pain clinic and new friends

Postby changeoflife » Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:07 pm

Well today I attended my first proper pain clinic session. There were tears but also much laughter and I came away feeling better for it, not because I think I will be helped by what is on offer but more from what the other people and myself have to offer to each other! Many times during the day we entered into our own discussions, helping, advising and best medicine of all, laughing. I know already, as we have already discussed, that we will meet up outside of the meetings, I never leave the house alone, but with help from my new found friends, we will spur each other on and gain confidence and by engaging in activities of some sorts, whether it's just a coffee or someone helping me to walk the block with them, we will begin to start the fight back to our way back to some sort of normal lives. I'm going to bed a little more positive and I'm already so looking forward to my next meeting with my new found friends :-D
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Re: Pain clinic and new friends

Postby steffard » Tue Sep 22, 2015 7:43 am

I absolutely loved going to my Pain Management Program, but as the sessions went on, fewer and fewer peopleturned up, I was, by far, the youngest there by at least 30years, BUT I loved the fact it was a safe environment, a place where we could discuss our conditions without the feelings of guilt, and anxieties. The first session I was absolutely petrified and was adamant I would not go into the session room, but my wife persuaded me and came in for five minutes but then had to leave, but I knew she would be waiting for me in the waiting room, and when.I left that first session I felt relief, hope and for the first time, happy that I was able to open up about how I truly felt without holding back for fear of being miss understood. I miss my group so much I have asked to go back again but been told can only go Ince, but am thinking of joining my local expert patients program run via my local GP surgery. Good luck with your course and I hope you enjoy and benefit from it as much as I did :-)
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Re: Pain clinic and new friends

Postby Saffie » Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:41 am

I am so pleased to hear that you are gaining some benefit from attending the pain management clinic. After almost a year after attending the pain management assessment, I have now been informed I have a confirmed place for the sessions commencing 1 October. I am really looking forward to going and very hopeful that I too will gain some benefit. Good luck to you, you are very brave.
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