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silly billy!

Postby galio » Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:35 pm

Im suer you're all aware of the clumsy bug that sneaks up on us unaware at the worst of times, well it caught me out on monday evening, as i went to wipe the bench i managed to stub my pinkie on the edge of it much ouchness and hiding of said finger and ouchyness from hubbie, :-? well tuesday it was very sore but only when it was in the same position any length of time didn't hurt to bend it but it has a rather red lump on the side of the joint so had to tell hubbie once he stopped laughing he did ask if i thought it was broken or dislocated, well if it was it sorted its self cos i wouldn't be able to bend it other wise, but heck it didn't stop me making the bread on tuesday night or lemon cup cakes lol. but today i managed to get it stung by nettles and now every time i bump the stings it tingles and would you believe it now so does the one next to it :-? just waiting on the third attack of the clumsy bug this week lol. on another note had an OT visit from the new OT in my area, not the one I hoped to be referred to as she has been moved to another area, she was a very nice lady and has some experience of both fibro and HMS so was very understanding and agreed that the items I think I need are appropriate and was interested in my work around for one of them that I need but to use it would cause another problem for me, they are to be delivered next week and she will be out the following week ( to fit in with my work hours its the soonest she can make it) she is then going to refer me to another OT that has started in my area and is concentration on people with fibro/me/cfs type things and looking at helping them adjust their routines etc in the hope of preventing further deterioation or slowing it down I will keep you all updated once I meet her on the ideas she has. gentle hugs to you all.
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