want to chew my arm off!!!!

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want to chew my arm off!!!!

Postby crazy_cat_lady » Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:28 am

old injury giving me grief!!

new year 2014, using a spare wheelie bin to store kindling, reaching in to the bottom, bin roled out from under me, i took a header in, arm stretched out, landed on my face inside the bin (thankfully noone about with a camera!! lol) only when i went to get back up/out did the agony hit my shoulder.

trip to A&E confimed it wasnt dislocated and nothing broken, but i couldnt function with it for weeks. over a year and a half later, i have full range of movement but still suffering pain, been refered back to physio twice but nothing helped, had 2 cortisone injections in shoulder this year, which gave some relief lasting no more than 3 months at a time. scan this summer shows calcification and small unhealed tear on ligament. been refered again for 3rd cortisone to be done during scan so they can put it exactly where needed(just waiting for appointment - and means trip to hospital 100 miles away!!)

more recently tho, i think a nerve in the shoulder is getting trapped, as there is a sharp/itchy/stabby pain in the shoulder that runs down the arm to my hand, where there is an equally sharp/itchy/stabby pain in the pad of my thumb! hence the need to chew the arm off!!! this morning it is driving my wild, accompanied by pins and needles in all the fingers of that hand. will take cocodamol and naproxin later for it but as they make me slightly high, cant take them yet as have to drive shortly and that is not clever when spaced out!! lol
tired all the time!! zzzzzzzzz
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