Weird 'episode'

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Weird 'episode'

Postby Butterfly8588 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:56 pm

Hi everyone,

Something really strange happened to me last night and I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or recognises the symptoms in themselves.
Basically I've been going through a flare and last night was very bad with terrible pain, my right leg/foot/toes being the worst. So I went to bed cos I didn't know what to do with myself and that's when my right arm started twitching/jerking. It was weird cos I couldn't feel a jumping nerve or anything.
Whilst I was thinking about that and explaining to my partner what was happening I suddenly started to feel unwell. The pain in my right leg stopped and my whole leg went really heavy and strange. At the same time I felt like my head was the same and I felt like I was pulling away from myself and was very far away.
My partner got me to sit up and that's when I started having weird body feelings like my muscles were going rigid and I HAD to move my spine from side to side and a shiver went through me (not cold) over and over. Some of them I was doing because I had to and some of them were doing it without my knowledge.
It only lasted 10 mins or so but I've never had it before. My partner was thinking panic attack but I had no panic, in fact I was oddly calm. I had no problems breathing, no feelings of impending death, no heart palpatations or racing heart etc.
Any ideas?

Thank you for your time xx
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Re: Weird 'episode'

Postby suzymarsh » Sat Oct 24, 2015 2:16 pm

Hi, I don't know if it's similar but I have lots of days where when I'm lay in bed, my feet, toes, and calf muscles go into spasms and actually change the look of my leg, my toes stick out at silly angles. And it can last for a minute or 20/30/40 minutes. I get these spasms mainly in my legs but also in my back, it is so painful and can be mistaken for cramp, it's a horrendous pain. My arms also flick in the air and sideways, no warning or pain, just flies in the air, this also happens embarrassingly wherever I am in town, anywhere, I'm used to getting funny looks now lol if this sounds like you, I pity you, and understand its not nice, but your not on your own xx
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Re: Weird 'episode'

Postby cjw4545 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 3:30 pm

I have similar in pain anyway but this is a different experience to the pain its like when you have cold/flu shivers but not shaking visibly to see but I know my body is doing it from head to toe make me feel sickly usually rest on settee but never lasts longer than 10-30 mins and mentioned it to my doctor this week but was a new one to him and he wasn't quite sure what it could be,also have spasms in arms and legs and odd twitching of fingers which my partner and kids find amusing odd finger every now and then either moving up-down or left to right as if remote controlled not always aware of fingers doing it hope this helps :-)
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Re: Weird 'episode'

Postby Wriggy1 » Sat Oct 24, 2015 4:36 pm

As a psychic Medium, your symptoms are very similar to the start of an OOBE ( out of body experience ), but as a fellow Fibro sufferer, I have to say, too, that I can relate to the muscle spasms and weird feelings, as I have had similar experiences. Whether or not mine were related to my abilities as a medium, or disabilities as a Fibro sufferer, I don't know, but if your Doctor cannot help you, I would suggest you speak to someone at your local Spiritualist Church. Many women I know who are Fibro sufferers also seem to have very obvious 'gifts'. I don't know if this is any help to you or not. If nothing else, the churches usually have ' healing' sessions and you might find that these are of some help to you x
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Re: Weird 'episode'

Postby tabithakat64 » Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:19 pm

I get something similar when my muscles get so stiff I can't move, usually in my legs and back, it makes me feel very odd and spaced out and like something is dragging my muscles backwards down through the matress
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