Newly diagnosed

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Newly diagnosed

Postby Kaz77 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 9:24 am

Hi I went to a rheumatologist yesterday and been diagnosed(tentatively. Depending my blood tests and chest X-ray are all normal) with fibromyalgia. Basically she said you just have to live with it and,I might not always have it. She is getting me an appointment with physio, told me to eat well and not to nap ( yea you try not napping when you are exhausted lady) gave me a leaflet and sent me on my way. Is this anyone else's experience? I understand there are limited things they can do but I feel I'm left with dealing with this pain and tiredness when doing a very physical job. I'm the sort of person who just tries to get on with it but feel the tiredness and pain are getting worse. :yikes:
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Re: Newly diagnosed

Postby JasmineJay » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:00 am

I am also newly diagnosed. I have been referred to a pain management clinic. I have heard about support which may be helpful including support to manage our symptoms through therapeutic and information input as well as support around sleep and supplements. Some have spoken about hydrotherapy or physiotherapy and supportive groups. As I say I am newly diagnosed so this message is not from my personal experience but rather from others. Don't know if this makes any sense!
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Re: Newly diagnosed

Postby julie151094 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:01 am

I'd love to know how fibromyalgia is detected as I've been told I have it by people who have it but Dr's are unwilling to talk about it to me. I suffer with incredible pain throughout my body, wear morphine patches, as well as other pain medication. Ive been told it's just arthritis??? What in all my limbs??? Please help me.
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Re: Newly diagnosed

Postby Hellyn » Thu Nov 05, 2015 12:21 pm

Hi Kazz, Julie, Jasmine,

"NOT NAP" :yikes: you hear that from people that don't have Fibro, of course you have to nap!

Morphine is not really meant for fibro, when i was nursing morphine was for end stage care, now it's handed out like too easy. See BBC latest panorama program ... ainkillers
I totally agree with the consultant in this pain clinic, it is an awful thing to do to a patient make them addicted.

Yes, eat well, nap, pace yourself, gentle exercise, no stressors, delegate, make a comfy space where you can rest and do things that are gentle and fun, aroma massages if you can, warm epsom salt baths, and remember you are going to have to live with it so listen to your intuition and gauge what you can manage or not.

It saddens me to see medication on top of medication being used for a condition that really doesn't respond to what Dr's think is pain, this pain comes from a different place which these meds aren't really effective, so be aware and research, look at other forums and just take care of you and do what you need..even if it means a lovely warm afternoon nap.xx

Hellyn :-)
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