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Postby galio » Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:32 am

ok for years even before my dx with fibro i have had nights where i just cant sleep, cant get comfy too hot too cold sore etc well this week having caught a cold I have been even worse but the other night i was so cold I grabbed my dressing gown and put it on top of the quilt for extra heat ( I didn't want to be rumbling round in the dark looking for the spare blanket and wake hubbie) well the weight of it seems such a comfort, the sore bits disappeared, ( I get peripheral nerve pain so a light touch hurts but it i apply pressure i cant find the sore bit!) and I had teh best nights sleep for months. so the next night I again used the dressing gown (I forgot to look out the blankets) well last night i used the balnket and was back to normal waking every hour, today I dragged myself out of bed and to work at 9, bumped into the boss at 11 and she took one look at me and sent me home, climbed into bed and couldn't get warm or sleep with the blanket so on top went the dressing gown I slepf like a log from 12 till 4, so tonight after sleeping during the day I am expecting to be awake, but I shall try the dressing gown trick and see what happens, I feel like its the weight that is the key not so much the heat (hot flushes dont help with heat issues) has anyone else felt that weight of their bedding helps or hiders?
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Re: sleep

Postby Paulinehough » Fri Nov 13, 2015 5:59 am

I found that even my duvet caused extra pain at night, even though it was very light weight. I found the solution to this was to have 2 body pillows. I put one either side of me thus keeping the duvet off of my body but keeping me warm.
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