When you need support because youre having a better day

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When you need support because youre having a better day

Postby happychicken » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:32 pm

basically I have fibro, thyroid disease, ibs, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure other various ailments lol

i had a better day today and now feel very down

i went to the post office to change my car tax to disabled as i am now entitled and my dla letter states the help i need

some days i cant go out in my own if its not from the anxiety and dizzyness from meds and so on its can be the stiffness and pain or the ibs putting me to bed or unable to leave the bathroom lol

today i looked, or so i felt i looked like i was a normal healthy person and the lady in the post office read my dla letter over and over as she said she werent sure how to change the taxation class, my letter says ineed help in/out bed of chair triuble walking etc etc etc paranoid is how im feeling as to what this lady thinks of me.

what the letter states is true but there are days when im not as bad or when the day itself might be alright for part of the day and then it changes dramatically.

today well ..... this is when i need support on a better day, anyone else relate as i feel very alone and my hubby just says you know how you are who cares what anyone else thinks what do they know

i hare feeling like this, its the disbelief of fibro that makes it so hard
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Re: When you need support because youre having a better day

Postby Bexter » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:44 pm

People don't realise that u can have better days, we have days when we can't even get out of bed no matter how much we try, Iv got an electric wheelchair for bad days, but on good days I wear my leg brace and walk with crutches.
There is such a massive difference between days, people that don't know u well and total strangers can be vile as they really just don't understand.
It doesn't help that our own government won't help and don't believe in fibromyalgia otherwise people could get PIP. If anyone high up ever gets diagnosed with it, then I bet we would see a massive difference in what help we could get!
I'm getting off my soapbox now as it windes me up I can rant about this for hours as people anoy me so much, they don't believe in depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia. If it ever happens to them, they will get a big wake up call as people that do suffer with these conditions really do SUFFER!!!!!!
I will stop woffling now but I so agree with u x
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