How I eased my shoulder pain

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How I eased my shoulder pain

Postby SarahS » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:36 am

For years I suffered with intermittent acute shoulder pain. Initially diagnosed as capsulitis but later as recurring tendonitis, this pain would be horrid for anywhere between several days to several weeks. Of course now I have the fibro diagnosis it's considered this pain is most likely related to my condition. Do others have similar experiences with the shoulders?
Anyway, what I wanted to pass on, is that for years now I have managed to reduce the occurrences of this pain pain by sleeping with (what I call my) cuddle cushion, a small regular cushion which helps keep my shoulder from rotating too far when I sleep on my side. Highly recommend that anyone who suffers with shoulder pain gives this a try x
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Re: How I eased my shoulder pain

Postby alcmsx » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:03 am

Yeh I have the same was so bad last year especially when I lay down I used a big old Teddy I had to cuddle to ease it but after that got so bad on holiday in Spain in my left arm I went to hospital as was thinking with it being my left arm and shoulder could be heart pain, the x rayed it then gave me an ultrasound said the same tendonitis and bursitis, gave me a cortisone injection and a course of rheumox for 2 weeks and pain was away in 2 days , can feel it coming on again so will see what they do here, if not will have to go on holiday again...any excsue to get some heat in my bones..
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Re: How I eased my shoulder pain

Postby SarahS » Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:24 am

Good luck with the follow up. Do let me know what they suggest :-)
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Re: How I eased my shoulder pain

Postby Lucylastik » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:01 pm

Hi there
I have exactly the condition you describe in my left shoulder.
Whereas all my other 'aches and pains', as my Rheumatologist describes them, have been transitory, in other words, they move about from day to day, the left shoulder has been constant for over a year with pain and mobility issues ranging from
1. Not bad, can raise arm to put a coat or jumper on by myself
Through to
10. Can't move it beyond the elbow, painful and constantly aching, can't sleep or wakes me up with pain, needing strong med.
It was an accident that I discovered the 'cuddle pillow' when I was pretty much bedridden for 6 months earlier this year. I had to have at least 4 pillows on my bed because while hubby was at work, I very often couldn't sit up or reach the pillows I needed behind my back to move them into position.
With all these pillows I found that the best /only way I could sleep was to hug one vertically and wedge it under my arm which kept the arm from dropping and pulling on the collarbone area.
I don't use it so much lately unless I am really bad. I have been taking 20g of Amitriptyline every evening at 8pm and so far I have made a pretty good improvement on my mobility but definitely my sleep is vastly improved.
My shoulder is still the one place I feel pain but I now can move the rest of me a lot better these days.
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