So I love to travel

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So I love to travel

Postby Pharaoh66 » Tue Dec 15, 2015 4:41 pm

Travel is what I live for.
If I'm honest I only work to pay for travel because, being autistic, its my special interest or one of those things I cant live without.
I'm not a beach lover and like to see the sites (and sights) on my journeys to the exotic parts of the world.
I'm also diabetic..oh, and I've had two minor strokes on my right hand side...
But being diagnosed with FM has made me wonder what the future holds as, having lost both parents in eight months this year, there's a need to start the planning process for next years holiday..
I need to get away, I need that distraction, that something to look forward to..
I have read a few useful posts but was wondering if peoples FM has been better or worse in hot climates or at altitude ?

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Re: So I love to travel

Postby FluppyPuffy » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:48 pm

Like so many things FM~related, what might suit one may not do so another. There have been a number of mentions of travelling, holidays, different climates etc, and how they can/could have an effect on the condition. For some, a really warm climate makes a real positive difference to the intensity of symptoms and how they feel in themselves. On the flip side tho, there are those who find that a warmer climate/temperature can make things feel much worse for them. I fall into this side, which is a real pain in the :girl_moon: :girl_moon:

The same can occur when temperatures drop as well. For some the cold can make things pretty much unbearable, whereas others find that they feel much more comfortable as things cool down. I fall into this side of things and will often have people looking at me rather oddly when I'm out in summer~weight clothes during the winter.

The only way to find out what could happen to you is to give it a try. Maybe you could look into something like a long weekend trip somewhere to see how you get on. If things prove to be too much, it's just a few days that have been disrupted rather than a fornight's holiday going down the pan.
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