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Postby Butterfly8588 » Thu Feb 11, 2016 2:11 am

Hi guys,

I've been having bad abdominal pains now since late November/early December which seem to have no reason. When they are there they can stay continuously for a few weeks and be the bane of my life, but similarly I've gone a week or 2 without them as well for them to return again later. I've not had 'normal' toilet habits for many years, even before the fibro so it's hard to tell if that's changed.

Anyway I was visiting my dr for a separate problem and thought I'd mention it seeing as it had come back again and was causing me problems. He asked me a couple of questions which I answered and he said it sounds like IBS spasms. My problems with this are, Firstly he didn't even examine me at all, no pressing on the stomach or anything so how can he be sure there's not another reason? And secondly, I've always felt IBS was this truly awful condition of running to the bathroom every five minutes and absolute agony and I kind of feel a little bit of a fraud trying to lump myself in with those poor people who suffer so badly.

He told me that 'if it continues to come back and they'll investigate'. I just thought, continues? I've had it 3 months! I really felt like if I hadn't already got the fibro diagnosis that I would have been taken more seriously. I rarely go to the dr unless I consider it urgent (it must be a year or so since I went last) so it's not that I constantly pester them for help, but every time I go I just get told it's because of the fibro and I'm getting bored of it to be honest. It just feels lazy to me. I should just say that I'm not worried about these pains, I'm not sat here thinking I've got some horrible disease, it would just be nice to know what they are.

Anyway I'm getting off topic, does this sound like IBS to you?

Gentle hugs xxx
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Re: IBS?

Postby crazy_cat_lady » Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:39 am

there are varying degrees of IBS, some suffer worse than others. mine is classed as "mild" - theres nothing mild about the doubling over in agony pain that i get every morning, but thankfully ive got it just about under control with Buscopan for IBS Relief, jsut playing with the dosages at the moment.

ive suffered with abdo pain for over 20 years. back in the early days, having been fob off with laxatives and bulker uppers so many times, a rather generalised apointment and examination, dr diagnoseds "mild IBS", and left it at that. pains would worsen around "monthlies" time aswell. the only time i actually went without constant pain all day every day was when pregnant. after my last(5th) child, (now nearly 8) i was back to horendous pains every morning, worsening during periods, and constant nagging ache all day everyday, and feeling pretty miserably with my lot, scan showed fibroids, and left it at that. eventually id had enough, so dr sent for scan investigations of bowels (the 3 day pixolax purge was not fun!)results- "no abnormality detected in the bowel" typicall ! however it did show up "enlarged veins in the pelvis" so refered to gyny who said other than pain management not much else could help other than hystorectomy. so 6 weeks later i got spayed :lol: . bounced back from that and now 2 years later im no longer in constant abdo pain, but still have the crippling pain in mornings while my bowels sort themselves out, lasts at worst for half an hour, doubling over in agony, sweating with the pain, until i "go" (sorry if TMI) then its eased off and and im just left with all the other painfull symptoms of Fibro to contend with :cry: .

all i can say is dont feel like a fraud annoying the dr, ive found that unless you keep pestering them, they dont seem to care, just keep pushing them. ( i outright told my dr recently i wanted invetigations for other symptoms ive been having, threw a whole load of info at her complete with printed out diagrams of body with every pain/twitch/symptom marked and listed - she finally seemed to take notice!! and im just waiting for appointments with hospital consultants :-D )
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Re: IBS?

Postby SchroedingersCat » Thu Feb 11, 2016 10:22 am

Interestingly, I've has the same problem since about Xmas, and finally signed up with a new GP (we moved 18 months ago and never registered) as I was getting so concerned. I've had IBS before (stress related, but I've never been less stressed in my life than I am now), and this doesn't feel the same - this is a low, burning pain like period pain, plus pain all over my stomach/gut/abdomen area that almost feels muscular. I saw a senior nurse practitioner within a couple of days of signing up, and she's given me super strength antibiotics for a suspected womb infection, which are making a difference to the 'period pain' ache but not to the 'muscle' ache. If the pain doesn't clear completely after the antibiotics are finished, I've to go back for a coil checkup, and if that is still correctly positioned, an ultrasound. I haven't seen a GP in over 2 years, and I did tell them about the fibro when I went in, but they haven;t dismissed it as either IBC or Fibro. I'd go back and see a different doctor if I were you, and by all means use my experience as an anecdote to encourage them.
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