suicidal thoughts

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suicidal thoughts

Postby dove55 » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:32 pm

Besides pain the worst thing about fibromyalgia is the mental problems and not being able to control your life .I have often wondered how many suffers have had suicidal thoughts and what the suicide rate is especially when you think drs don't help enough. Very personal I know but would like replies
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Re: suicidal thoughts

Postby AlisonL » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:43 pm

Don't know about the rates but certainly depression and stress get intertwined with fibromyalgia and I would guess many of us have suicidal thoughts from time to time. I know I do. Personally, I know also that these thoughts are partly exaggerated by Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) - this is also partly fibro related in that I find it difficult to get out when it is cold and damp.
I think what holds most people back form suicide is an unwillingness to inflict pain on those who are left behind.
If you think you are at serious risk of suicide please reach out for help. I know it's difficult to access mental health services these days but it can be done - big hospitals have a psychiatric doctor on call in A&E, for less urgent situations your GP would help. Sometimes it helps to talk to an organisation like the Samaritans who can help you vent, and will also be knowledgeable about mental health services available in your area. If you have a faith then your minster might be a good person to talk to.
Feelings of despair do pass. Let me tell you a story.
I can remember sitting in an Outreach service clinic absolutely hysterical with despair, fear of how near suicide I was and feeling desperately alone and unloved. And the fibro pain was off the scale. The initial interview was a farce, because I was effing and blinding and the very prim and proper psychiatric social worker who was doing the assessment decided to invoke the "our staff may not be assaulted verbally clause" (I would like to make it very clear that I never swore at her at all, just swore profusely in her presence). Anyhow, she said I would have to leave and walked out the room. At which point I took all my clothes off. Every last stitch. I still don't quite understand what drove me, but it was along the lines of " you ARE going to see me, recognise my humanity."
The point of this unedifying tale is that I do understand utter despair. And yet, with the help of an excellent psychiatry nurse I was assigned to, i am now sitting here calm and happy and with pain levels I can cope with.
As Winston Churchill said "when you are going through hell, keep going" There IS a worthwhile life waiting for you.
Good Luck and gentle hugs
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Re: suicidal thoughts

Postby robbiecramp » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:19 pm

I can relate to having suicidal thoughts due to the mental health stigma that is around people with fibromyalgia it gets you down and can take control of your life but with the right therapy which I know is not always easy to get you can get there and go beyond that point. I tried twice to take my own life and it was actually triggered by Opiods Tramadol and Morphine Oramorth and since then been a lot better. I am under a clinical phycologist who is proving to be a legend.
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Re: suicidal thoughts

Postby atarikid » Mon Feb 15, 2016 10:52 pm

I made an account solely for this thread as I'd like to throw in my 2p without my friends on facebook seeing this on their dash with my comment.

Suicidal tendencies are very real for me. I don't blame the Fibro though as it was present far before the diagnosis. I think having a good support group and people around you to help you deal with your fibro significantly lowers the affect of suicidal thoughts. I know the pain can be very debilitating and real. And sometimes you wish it would just end. But your group and support around you always reminds you that you're cared for and that people know what your going through and help you. I feel that those who think or even act on suicide who have fibro don't have that support network. So I don't think it's actually the fibros fault. I have Fibro, and I have a small support group, but even then, suicidal thoughts run rampant in my head. They always have had. Its separate from the Fibro though. Many doctors believe that Fibro comes from some kind of trauma, be it mental or physical. As it's a neurological disease many think its mental. If you had suicidal tendencies before you were diagnosed with Fibro, unless you're alone and getting the crap end of the stick I dont see how it will become any worse. I dont think the Fibro itself has any scientific or medical correlation to suicidal thoughts. Thats just my thoughts on the matter.
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Re: suicidal thoughts

Postby Gracious » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:40 am

Chronic pain and fatigue conditions are definately challenging to deal with and stats in relation to our sister condition M.E, conducted by Action for ME, found that:

• 51 per cent had felt suicidal as a result of the extreme pain of the illness coupled with a lack of support from the medical profession.
• 65 per cent had received no advice from their GP on managing the illness.
• 33 per cent had to endure a wait of more than 18 months before being diagnosed with ME, despite evidence that early diagnosis can help recovery.

They have also recently proved that suicidal rates are 13% higher than the national average, and are now demanding more funding from the government to assist the NHS to support individuals and provide specific mental health care for these types of chronic pain and fatigue conditions.

Now I haven't found anything for fibro, despite it being around long enough to have had this research done, but I'm sure that data will come in time.

One of the things I've learned through talking with pshycologist and pshychiatrist is, that at some point in any human's life 1 in 3 will experience depression in their lifetime and 1 in 2 will at some point experience suicidal thoughts. So the next time your in a cafe or a busy mall or looking out your window at people walking by, count them and every third individual will have depression and ever second individual will have suicidal thoughts in the lifetime.

It's a worth while exercise to do, because you start to realise, you're not alone, infact this seems almost part of being human, since so many will experience this in their lifetime. We are all battling with something

The mind is always problem solving, even when the solution is so wrong and deterimental to our wellbeing. The mind is going to throw into the mix of brain storming solutions, the ultimate get out/escape - suicide! Especially when we are in an avoidant stateor spiralling struggle. Its what we do with our minds thoughts on suicide that counts. Whenever I have strong suicidal thoughts, I first think about how I can keep me safe, during the intensity, I allow the thoughts to be there and dont fight them. Trying to get rid of them makes them stronger, so willingness and self acceptance are what I work on and can I live a life with these thoughts hanging about in my mind. There isn't a day the escape solution does not crop up, and I've come to a point where, I'm okay with it hanging around, but I'm definately not buying into the idea of it. Instead I see it as an indication that I've not been taking care of myself or my emotions and self-care/self-compassion are my first priorty when the thoughts start.

Talking about what your experiencing is very important, be that with your GP, family, friends. Talking therapies are very helpful, CBT, Mindfulness CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT). Also get your local crisis centre number on your mobile contact list and the samiaritans too.

Suicidal thoughts can blind us from seeing the bigger picture and when this happens seek support and get help - you are important. You dont have to suffer and your never alone.

with loving kindness
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Re: suicidal thoughts

Postby laura.dorans » Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:32 pm

I get this too, very annoying
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