understanding medics

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understanding medics

Postby galio » Thu Mar 17, 2016 10:12 pm

I have been so lucky with my GP practice I have seen 2 different ones over the last 2 years (and a third first mentioned fibro to me ) I have been seeing one since january when I was signed off work for stress, this was due to the 2nd anniversary of my daughters death , I still think shes gonna walk through the door some days. but thats beside the point, 3 weeks ago I was summoned to a meeting with my Head teacher and a lady from HR (head said this is the first time she has had to do a meeting because of absence rates hitting triggers hence HR involved) it was agreed that they would refer me to their occupational health service to see how they could help me return to work and keep me there with minimum absences, I was told i could rerturn before this assessment if I felt I was fit enough and that they would do a 2 week phased return with 50% then 75% of my hours, tuesday I was at my GP again for a new sick note and discussed this she said NO and signed me off for a month, she wants at least 6 to 8 week phased return as she says if its shorter I will end up back to square one as its not enough time for my pacing to work, I also had a phone appointment with Occupational health, the nurse said NO NOT FIT for work and she says I am covered by the disability at work act and the reasonable adjustments statement means under guidance from her and GP they can use this to get a longer phased return, Im to be re refered to occupational health in 4 weeks after I have seen my GP again. My heat teaches biggest concern is the fact that I can be hit with a flare without warning and its the unpredictability of it all that she finds it difficult to work round.
Meanwhile I have applied for PIP and am still waiting for my medical assessment!
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