Exercise with Fibro

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Exercise with Fibro

Postby Fairyhair » Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:04 am

Hi all,

Hope you're all on a good day! Or even a good week and Happy Easter!

I was just wondering what exercise routines anyone does, if any? I've always done quite a physical job which kept me in shape but unfortunately, since becoming symptomatic I've had to scale right back. I want to increase the strength in my body, as well as burn fat that I put on over the first couple of years of feeling ill and not knowing what was wrong, yet I can't do the cardio exercise I used to do. I've tried yoga as well but it wipes me out for a good couple of days so at the moment I'm just doing a little bit of different exercises everyday to try and build up some strength and stamina.

I'm relatively newly diagnosed (August last year) so would love to hear anyone's experiences.

Thank you!
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Re: Exercise with Fibro

Postby jargirls » Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:27 am

I was diagnosed in July but had had a heart attack in March but exercise helps me. I am on my feet all day because I work in a school. Then 4x a week I go to the gym and do light exercise. I couldn't manage more than 15 minutes, which inc walking on a treadmill, bike slowly and rowing on number 1.
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Re: Exercise with Fibro

Postby pad all » Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:09 pm

Stick with the yoga class if you can. It takes a long time before you notice any effect. The class I go to has a teacher who practices the exercises slowly and softly. We start off with a relaxation session using the breath and also finish with a mindfulness relaxation session.. I practice leg exercises every morning just to get them going! As for the weight problem I have to follow a low fat diet on the advice of my doctor. Cut out saturated fat and you will lose weight. I feel better for it and do not feel breathless and can move around easier. Fibro is a trial and error illness I believe. It takes time but you will find out what suits you best. Keep going Summer is on the way when we should feel better.
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Re: Exercise with Fibro

Postby galio » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:32 pm

Im trying to use pacing, I am on the sick from my job in a school the standing at lunch and playtimes became too much and i gradually got worse as the term wore on, I try to walk 3 times a week, any where between a quarter of a mile and 2 miles depending on how i feel, but I must say the 2 mile one is usually with my camera and i stop and rest and take photos and it takes me 2 hours to do it, I was told little and often and increase by 5% when you feel you think your ready if it wipes you out drop back a bit and wait a bit longer before increasing again, I find it helps in the long term but sometimes it will wipe me out in the short term, but i feel worse if i dont do any thing, I also do a couple of exercises for other problems 3 times a day and the physio set me three reps of each three times a day and no more as she has a good understanding of both my hypermobility and fibro and how it can wipe me out
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