that thing lurking there

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that thing lurking there

Postby galio » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:28 pm

through out my life I have turned to poetry to help cope with anything be it fear, anger, love, pain, anything infact. for many years I left this love behind as I was busy being a working mum and poured my life into this, now my son is all grown and living near by and I lost my daughter 2 years ago, this greif turned me back to my poetry mostly wrote at silly oclock in the morning when I cuoldnt sleep and she was on my mind. I have moved on from only my grief in verse and tonight penned a monolouge (dont think it sits well as poetry but then anything seems to go now a days)and thought I would share it with you.

slowly slowly building up
bubbling boiling under the surface
hotter and hotter madder and madder
under the surface lurking there.

washing up wiping down
carefully carefully as i go
what took a minute now takes an hour
because of that thing lurking there

exhausted. sleepless, angry,
hot, cold, achy, itchy
dont ask how I fell I just dont know
that thing lurking is starting to grow

it wont get me i wont let it
good days bad days any days
bedded pained i wont give in
come out from there stop lurking again

a new life a different life
not as i had planned or dreamed
but with adjustments and tweaks
u will do things i love

fibromyalgia is your name
trying to rule my life is your game
i know who you are i know your aim
with careful planning, You i WILL tame

but first i think i need a nap!!!!!!
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Re: that thing lurking there

Postby Ann castle » Sat Aug 06, 2016 10:24 am

Ah that's lovely....I'm going to write that up and put it on my wall :-D
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