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Postby Kriistiee » Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:01 am

Hello everyone,

I'm on a nightshift tonight and really suffering so I thought I'd vent out a bit whilst I'm here.

Basically, I haven't been diagnosed with 'anything' yet.. appart from low Vitamin D. I had a doctor's appointment for about two weeks ago and couldn't attend due to work, I tried to call them all day and they only picked up AFTER the time of my appointment. Following this they booked me in again for about 6 weeks later. I've been back and forth for nearly 5 years with no such luck of a diagnosis for my pain and fatigue. My doctor requested that I keep a pain diary (I have been) as she was suspicious that it could be fibro, however it proves a nightmare to get any appointments at my GP and I'd like to speak with the same person every time.

Today I woke up 23/07/2016 at about 8AM and instantly felt horrendous.. my symptoms today are weakness everywhere, painful and stiff joints, headache, nausea... One thing that strikes me is the weakness in my body, it's like pins and needles and a heavy feeling. Does anybody else get this? If I could draw on a body map it would radiate from the back of my neck, down my shoulders/arms and into my lower body. My arms feel as though they're being squeezed and compressed and my grip is weakened.

How do you cope with your pain and general symptoms? How long did it take you to get diagnosed?
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Re: Fibro-symptoms

Postby LindyM66 » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:04 am

Hi K

For many years I went back and forth to my GP, complaining of aches and pains, lethargy etc etc. I think he blamed everything and it's granny for how I was feeling - my age, overweight, peri menopause. So frustrating.
In February of this year, everything seemed to come to a head and my whole body seized up. The pain was awful. Neck, arms, lower back, buttocks, thighs.
A & E x 2, GP x 3 - and I was eventually referres to rheumatolgy, and diagnosed.
It takes so long to get diagnosed, as FM has symptoms similar to other conditions, so these have to be ruled out. That's if you have a decent GP who is prepared to work towards finding the cause of your symptoms.
I went to A & E once, with a sore foot. Started with one toe, which turned a lovely shade of blue, and this spread across my toes and starting tracking up the front of my foot. The nurse said " ewww, I'm not touching that. It looks like raynauds. Go round the corner and see out of hours GP. Said GP, was from my practice. "It's a chillblain" he said! My background is nursing, so I knew this was no chillblan, it was vascular. To cut a long story short - I had Peripheral Vascular Disease. If I had accepted what that GP had said, I would probably have lost my foot.
Moral of that long winded story - some GPs are good, and some ain't.
Push to get referred to rheumatolgy.

I take Gabapentin 300mgs x 3 daily, and tramadol 100mgs x 4 daily. Ibuprofen inbetween .
Epsom salts baths really help. 4 cupfuls and soak for a minimum of 30 mins. Self adhesive heat pads work well. Heat in general works well to ease my aches.

Good luck K

Much Love
Lindy x
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Re: Fibro-symptoms

Postby Jeany » Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:26 am

I think you should insist that your GP refers you to see a rheumatologist to see if it is Fibro or CFS, or it could be both as I have. After all this time it is your right to be only took me about a year.
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Re: Fibro-symptoms

Postby Claire'scomfycorner » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:46 pm

Hi Kriistiee

I agree with Lindy and Jeany, you should insist that your GP refers you to a rheumatologist. I had the same problems as you trying to get an appointment with my GP, there were no appointments for 3 weeks and you couldn't book more than 3 weeks in advance. I changed GP and now it's so much easier to see my new GP and he is so much more understanding of fibro. It might be worth changing?

Hopefully your next GP appointment will be more productive.

Gentle hugs
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Re: Fibro-symptoms

Postby FluppyPuffy » Mon Jul 25, 2016 11:54 am

Maybe you could try a different approach for your next appt, take more of a lead with things rather than letting the GP do so. Go armed with your pain diary, info about FM {from a reputable source} and notes which show why you feel FM be the cause of what you are experiencing. Then go thru it with your GP, asking them what do they think at points along the way. If this doesn't lead to something more constructive {you should be able to tell with the look on their face, body language, how they sound when they speak etc} then play the referral to a rheumatologist card.
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