Brain Fog - advice please

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Brain Fog - advice please

Postby Smartie50 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:54 am

Hi everyone

I hope that you are all having a pain free day. I wonder if anyone can give me any advice regarding brain fog. I have been signed off from work for six weeks as I have had reoccurring coughs and colds this year and the Occupational Health nurse at work suggested that I get my GP to sign me off to rest. I go back to work in two weeks time.

I was hoping that I would feel rested and raring to go but I don't. My mind just feels as though it is full of cotton wool, and mentally I feel like I have had no time off at all. I am working part time, four days a week and I am studying at the moment and I have a lot of work to do for the end of the first year of my course, but I cannot concentrate. My mind just feels as though it doesn't want to function. Is this normal with fibro?

I have also recently been diagnosed with asthma and I have just had a sleep study done as my GP is wondering if I am suffering with sleep apnea. I was told that the results of the sleep study would take six weeks, but I received a letter from the hospital to go and see them next week which is about two weeks from the sleep study being done, so I am worrying why they want to see me so quickly especially as it is not the sleep clinic that want to see me.

Does anyone else suffer with sleep apnea and would this be causing the brain fog? The hospital mentioned that I might need to use a CPAP machine but I know nothing about this. Any advice that anyone can give me would be appreciated. Thank you. xx
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Re: Brain Fog - advice please

Postby Alexandromeda » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:14 pm

I can't help with the apnea but I find certain foods can make my fog much worse. I keep away from any processed meat such as bacon, sausage, ham etc. Also dark chocolate.
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Re: Brain Fog - advice please

Postby Charmed » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:35 pm

Brain fog is certainly a symptom of Fibro, although it can be a symptom of many other health conditions too. It is common for those of us with Fibro to say we have brains/heads full of cotton wool. You will find several posts regarding this if you type brain fog into the search bar.

Not to sure about the sleep apnea, but my husband has it and boy can he snore :roll:

You didn't say which hospital department have asked you to attend, although your GP should have been sent a letter from them too. Maybe give your GP a wee call to find out and put your mind at rest.

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Re: Brain Fog - advice please

Postby *Lisa* » Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:41 am


I don't have sleep apnea but my close friend does so I know a lot about this condition and the machines.

What I do know is that if your oxygen levels are low you can wake up feeling very fatigued plus headaches and general feeling of unwell.

What they say is soon as you start on your machine symptoms will/should subside.

The machine you wear of a night time. My friend has been on a nippy as she also has COPD. Machines slightly different. Nippy being louder and bigger machine but am told the CPAP is smaller and quieter.

The problem my friend has is the restriction. She also sufferers from back pain (not fibro) and wakes up in the night with discomfort as her machine (the tube) is not very long and so she finds herself unable to move freely in bed and being trapped in one position. When she does try and move the tubing has come away from the machine or the face mask has slighty slid off. I must stress this could be an isolated problem and she is working with Papworth hospital to make things better and its a Nippy.

On a fibro point of view, yes, brain fog is very commen.
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