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PIP Help!

Postby Gaia » Wed Aug 24, 2016 10:29 am

I am due to be assessd for transfer of my DLA to PIP in the next few weeks. I had a phone call from DWP to tell me they are sending out the forms, which is the first I knew of it.

I am more than a little concerned, as I have had DLA at full rate for both mobility & care for 11 years now and if I lose my claim, I don't know what I will do ! I do have other health problems, which include degenerative spine, osteoarthritis & Meniere's disease - and here is the problem - my GP does not believe me when I tell her how much pain and fatigue I suffer with, so I do not think she will help my claim by supporting how much help I need. She also does not believe how little I can walk or stand up :evil:

I have recently been to see my GP to ask about having another pain killing injection in my spine and one shoulder as I am going through a really bad patch with pain. I have had the injections many times over the last 10 years, but now she refused to refer me to the hospital for the jab - and instead has referred me to physiotherapy, telling me I need to move around more and that if I do, the pain will magically go away by itself!

How on earth can I write down all the problems I have if she will not back them up? I feel she will not support me on this and I can't change GP, as the only other one I can go to at that practice is horrible. He is really rude and treats people like me as pathetic scroungers. I used to go to him some years ago and he was just awful :nono:

I have letters from the surgeon who has operated on my spine 3 times, to confirm his diagnosis, plus letters from Rheumy confirming Fibro and from ENT consultant confirming Meniere's disease. Does anyone know if these alone will be enough for my claim? Or will my GP have to give a written report too, as she did when I first applied for DLA in 2004?

Advice would be very welcome and thanks in advance :cry:
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Re: PIP Help!

Postby Flightoffancy » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:12 pm

Hi hope this link will be of help to you.


They are an independant charity. There is a subscription but well worth the payment for the advice forms for claiming PIP.
Benefits and Work are not linked in any way to the DWP. I have been using the website for a number of years.
Hope this helps.
I do feel for you, I've just sent my PIP claim off after being on an Indeffinate award of DLA for the past 8yrs.
Deep breath hunny xxxxx
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Re: PIP Help!

Postby LindyM66 » Wed Aug 24, 2016 12:29 pm

Hi Gaia,

Write down in each of the sections how these conditions debilitate you. PiP is about how the conditions affect you, not particularly what the conditions are.
I did not have any written documentation at all, in support of my claim. I recorded the names of my GP, Rheumatologist, Physio, and vascular consultant on the form - they can contact them for confirmation.
I was asked about my conditions of course, but it was in relation to how debilitating they were to my life.
I had my assessment last Tuesday, and have already been advised that I qualify for PiP payments, and I will receive a letter giving details of what has been awarded.
I was very surprised by how quickly this happened, and that it was positive, as Id read about so many people's horrible experiences.

Just take your time and explain to them how you are affected.

Good Luck and Much Love
Lindy x
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Re: PIP Help!

Postby Gaia » Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:25 pm

Thank you all for the advice! I really appreciate it! I am still waiting for the forms to come - although my husband's have come in the meantime, so it looks like we will both be assessed within a short period of time :yikes:

I think his claim will be ok, as he is a disabled service veteran with profound physical and mental health problems (combat ptsd), and has only claimed DLA within the last 2 years and got high rate for care and mobility. Annoying thing is, his claim for DLA was granted for a period of five years - dated to run out in October 2019, yet they are still reassessing him now :roll:

I have phoned to enquire about my forms and they just told me they would be delivered in due course, so it's just a waiting game now. I've sent my husband's forms back, so wish him good luck to retain his claim at high rate please!

Neither of us have had much sleep in recent weeks - even worse than normal, so at least if his claim goes through it will be one less thing to worry us about. I will get on to that website Flightoffancy, thank you for pointing it out :-)
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