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sound off

Postby galio » Sun Aug 28, 2016 10:30 pm

sat having pain surging through my body and don't know whats worst the pain or the blasted hot flushes that seem to go with it! am back to work after the summer holidays and a 7 week phased return before that and I know its not working out but just need to keep going. finally got to sleep last night to be woke by neighbor's dog sitter having a party and lots of shouting in the garden at half bloody 2 in the morning had to get hubby to shut the windows then it was too hot. dunno if im more annoyed at them waking me or having a party and not inviting me lol . but that said im back to not sleeping, apart from half hour sleep hour awake all night and even over the weekend when i don't have to get up i cant sleep on im awake and feeling so bloody tired but my body just wont let me sleep :scream-1: i bet come 8 tomorrow morning and i have to get up for work i will be sleeping and wont wanna wake grr. me thinks me is going to have to ring doc and increase my lyrica again, im still on a low dose but hate having to take it, although i tried to drop the dose a few weeks ago before i was back to work and boy did i find out how much pain it was stopping! i have also had the lovely pleasure of the vibrating body feeling the last few days, a new one for me but one I have read about on here before and was so glad it wasn't affecting me! what with that and the body popping (I would be good at street dance if i could do it on demand) and then a panic attack after i saw the nurse for my asthma review (now what was that all about!!) its been an entertaining time NOT :pull-hair:
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